The Ultimate Potty Training Guide: The Pull-Ups Route

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Oh, the joys of potty training. It is one battle each parent will have to face and fight at some point during the toddler years. While there are many different methods that you can try out, we decided to go the pull-up route. This way, we could build confidence in our little guy while avoiding messes. Not to mention, we were able to find a pull-up we could feel good about: the Pull-Ups® New Leaf Training Pants. Not only are they super soft, but they are *made with plant-based ingredients (*28% by weight). 

Why We Chose to Potty Train with Pull-Ups

In my opinion, the most important thing about potty training is that your child feels ready and comfortable. Using pull-ups is a great way to take the potty training journey a little more slowly if you think big jumps will scare your little one. We wanted our son to be able to transition slowly from diapers to Pull-Ups, and eventually big boy underwear when he was really ready. 

We heard about Pull-Ups® New Leaf and knew they would be the perfect option for this. They are the softest training pants and can be worn comfortably. Not to mention, they are hypoallergenic and made without harsh. Of course, the fun Disney Frozen 2 designs were what made him actually want to wear these! Best of all, we could pick them up at our local Walmart and easily place an order for them online when we needed to stock back up. Try NEW Pull-Ups® New Leaf Training Pants now at Walmart!

The Potty Training Guide

Use the Phased-In Interval Method. 

This is the method we followed for potty training with the help of Pull-Ups® New Leaf. For the first 2 days, we chose interval times to take our son to the bathroom in both the morning and evening. This means that from 8 am-10 am we took him to the bathroom to try going potty every 20 minutes, and then from 4 pm-6 pm we did the same. For the rest of the day, we allowed him to wear his Pull-Ups. 

In subsequent days, we slowly increased the number of interval hours and decreased the time he spent in a Pull-Up. By day three or four, most children are ready to attempt a full-day session of potty training with 20 or 30-minute intervals!

Make sure your child is ready. 

Most children potty train sometime after they turn 2 years old. There are some signs to look out for that will let you know they are ready. 

  • Your child can follow basic instructions. 
  • They are showing an interest in the potty.
  • Your child has the ability to verbalize that they need to go. 
  • Their diaper is staying dry for at least 2 hours. 

Use potty training friendly clothes. 

It is important to consider the clothes your child is wearing when it’s time to practice going on the potty! Put them in bottoms that are easy to get off and then back on. You don’t want them to have an accident just because they were fumbling with a zipper or button. 

We know how important this part is, which is one reason we chose Pull-Up® New Leaf Training Pants! They are easy to pull up and down just like underwear. Plus, the sides are refastenable if necessary. 

Always celebrate the victories!

Every little victory is one step close to being fully potty trained, so celebrate accordingly! Let your little one know that you are proud. It is much better to stay calm about the accidents and uh-oh moments and instead make a big deal about the good stuff. 

Potty training really doesn’t have to be a daunting or scary task. With a plan in place and the right gear, this can be a really awesome milestone to help your child achieve. Remember to grab your Pull-Ups® New Leaf Training pants at Walmart to kick things off on the right foot! We send our best wishes for a smooth potty training journey and want you to remember every child is different, and that’s okay. 


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