Baby Moccasins, Booties & More! Best Shoes to keep baby toes warm!

As I sit here under my blanket, my feet are freezing. I am an adult so I can choose to put on socks, slippers, or shoes as well as just cranking the heat. Our little babies don’t get such choices so we must do our best to keep their feet warm in the winter. What’s a rookie mom to do? Never fear, we are here to give you the guide to the best baby moccasins, booties, boots and more to keep your little one’s footsies nice and warm!

Baby Moccasins, Booties & More! Best Shoes to keep

baby toes warm!

Let’s break it down and share some of the warmest, cutest, most practical solutions to keeping baby toes toasty!

Baby Booties

These Zutano booties range from $7 to $30

Modern baby booties are often made with fleece and can be adjusted with velcro to keep them on. Since babies who often can’t find their own thumbs manage to pull them off when we’re not looking, I suggest you don’t spend a ton on these. Cozy booties can be had for less than $10 and since most of these infants aren’t playing in the snow, features can be minimal.

Stonz boots

Stonz boots were designed to keep baby and toddler toes seriously warm.

If your little one is a new walker and the weather is particularly harsh, check out the many designs of Stonz boots. They can be worn barefoot, with socks, or even with a sherpa lining if it is really cold out there. Brrrr. Developed in Canada, these babies are tough (and they cost more to boot)!

Soft-soled warm baby moccasins

Robeez warm baby moccasins are great because they can keep socks in place and offer a small padding for new walkers. Rookie mom, Sarah H., says Robeez work well for protecting her little guys’ feet when learning how to walk. I’m a fan, too.

Other ideas to stay cozy

I am a huge fan of the BundleMe, a cozy blanket foot muff that is attached to your car seat or stroller like a mini sleeping bag. Since my personal use, I have read mixed reports as to whether they are safe with various car seat models. I suggest you do your own research. 1600 positive amazon reviews can’t be wrong, can they?

What do you like to use to keep your baby’s toes warm?

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