Instacart Review-The Best New Grocery Service New Moms Need

This Instacart Review just might change your life, seriously! With how busy moms are these days, the simplest tasks like grocery shopping have suddenly become a huge burden. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes that Wednesday afternoon run to Trader Joe’s to grab a few items is my life saving alone time, but that’s no comparison to how I actually grocery shop. To get everything we need for our family, we sometimes go to three different grocery shops which isn’t very efficient for my mom schedule. It’s an all-day stressful haul.

Instacart Review- The Best New Grocery

Service New Moms Need

When I heard that all of our groceries could be delivered right to our door I was floored, but wait it gets even better. Unlike many grocery services that can only deliver from one location, this service can deliver from a multitude of different stores depending on your area.

For example, in our little town we can have groceries delivered through Instacart from Costco, Albertsons, Sprouts, Vons, ALDI, Ralph’s, CVS, Petco, and Stater Bros! Guys, that’s literally got every stop you need to stock up for the week covered.

Bonus they will get your groceries to you within the same day and according to a lot of shopper’s reviews, their groceries were actually delivered within an hour or two. Services like this are definitely going to be the way of the future and I’m not afraid to hop on the bandwagon early. We’ve pulled together all the necessary information so you can hop on too.

Must Know Facts about Instacart

What’s Instacart really all about?

  • Grocery delivery service
  • A personal shopper is sent to pick up and deliver your items same day (from the actual store, not a warehouse woo!)
  • You have a choice of both big name stores and local grocers
  • Trader Joe’s is never an option as they don’t partner with Instacart, which basically means you can still make a weekly escape run there
  • When it comes to the deli and produce, you can trust your Instacart shopper to pick out the best of the best
  • Prices may be less, more, or exactly the same as they are in the store. Just make sure you’re paying attention to these differences as you shop.
  • You can get an ASAP delivery or schedule your delivery up to 6 days in advance, delivery costs do vary depending on locations and how quickly you want your groceries
  • Yearly flat rate memberships are available
  • There’s an awesome option to pick up at a few locations! Check this out to save some $$
  • If you’re planning on doing a large amount of your shopping through Instacart, look into opening an Instacart Express account where you get free delivery on orders $35+, can order from multiple stores at once for no extra fee, and never pay an extra fee for “busy time” pricing

States Served:

Alabama Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District of Columbia Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington Wisconsin
Phew, that’s a ton! Make sure to check if your home makes the cut with the listed cities here on Instacart’s website.

Steps to Shopping

Whether you’re using Instacart to do all your shopping for the week or you just had a mom brain moment and forgot a few essential items, here’s exactly what you need to know to have a flawless shopping experience.

  • Create an account- Don’t worry they make this process pretty painless and you can even use your Facebook or Gmail account to make one
  • Put in your location and viola the list of stores in your area will pop up (bonus tip! For now, it seems like you can shop at Costco through Instacart without actually having a membership)
  • Before you’re tempted to start shopping, click on that magic little button at the top to see all the coupons! It’s definitely worth your while to click on these and save a dollar here and there.
  • Once you’ve found your coupons and chosen your store of choice, whip out your go-to grocery list. When shopping online, it can be really tempting to throw items in your cart that you don’t really need. When you have a list in front of you, it’s easiest to just search directly for the item in the top search bar.
  • Many items have photos attached. Take a look at these to ensure you’re adding the item you think.
  • Place your order and Instacart will let you know if anything is out of stock. They will also give you an option to have your personal shopper call you for any in-store substitutions which you can opt in or out of.
  • Once placed, you get updates on basically every move your personal shopper makes! It’s like the Dominos tracker my kids love so much, but this time around it’s me who loves it.
  • A GPS tracker will let you know when your shopper is headed your way and pretty soon there will be a knock on your door. Grocery shopping issue checked off the list and you might still be in pajamas.
  • Do it all over again! This way you can spend time doing the things you really love, like spending time with loved ones.

How did you like this Instacart Review? Are you ready to try it out for yourself??

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