Take a sensory tour around the block

Whitney ran into my friend Jeanine outside her house. Jeanine was helping her 9-month old daughter, Pepper, touch some furry lavender sticking out from Whitney’s garden, and didn’t realize whose house it was. The girls had been going on a sensory tour of the neighborhood.

Try it yourself to keep the neighborhood walks interesting (for you!):

  1. Stop and smell the flowers.
  2. Lean in so your baby can touch a fuzzy leaf.
  3. Look at the bright colors and shadows.
  4. Step on crunchy leaves and sticks, rustle paper or candy wrappers (err, I mean Luna Bar).
  5. Are you eating or drinking something your baby can share? A green smoothie?

This is your 38th challenge. This baby tour of your block is great preparation for walking with a toddler.

Did you complete this challenge? Use any of these methods to tell us about it:

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  • Share a picture with us on Facebook.
  • Name your destination on Twitter or Instagram and use hashtag #rookiemoms.
  • Or, post a link in the comments to your own blog post about this challenge.

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Baby too old for this idea? Pick a different fun thing to do with a toddler. Baby too young? Go have a latte!

[Photo credit: Lovely Olivia, all rights reserved]

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