Best Teethers [The Key to Soothing Your Teething Baby]

When babies reach the teething stage, anything they can get their hands on becomes a teether. While babies are inquisitive and watching them learn can be cute, it’s important to have some teethers around that are designed to help with this stage of their life. There are so many teethers on the market, it can be confusing navigating which is best and for which situations. Here are the best teethers, separated into categories that showcase their main features, design, and how they can be useful while being enjoyed by your baby.

Best Teether Checklist

Not all teethers are created equal and while most have the same function, there are a few things that set some apart from the rest. These are the must-have qualities to look for when shopping:

  • Durable: you definitely want something that’s going to withstand being chewed, as well as being dropped, carried around, and washed.
  • Functional: you want your teether to be easy to use, both for the baby and the parent. It should have clear teether benefits, but also be easy for your baby to hold onto, to fit into their mouths, and interesting enough to keep your baby from grabbing another toy.
  • Easy to clean: this toy is going in the baby’s mouth, so you’ll want to make sure it can be washed or sanitized, depending on your preference. Some toys are hand-wash only while others may be dishwasher safe.
  • Safe: the baby is going to be using this teether frequently, so you’ll want to make sure the components of the toys are safe for baby. Many use kitchen grade silicone so it’s safe for the baby’s mouth and others use sterile water, cotton, and baby-friendly components.


The Best Cooling Teethers

A cooling toy is probably what first comes to mind when picking out a way to soothe your teething baby. These are traditionally rings or toys that you place in the freezer. This provides a cooling and numbing effect when the baby uses them. These are a great option because they are designed to withstand the chewing, gumming, and biting of a growing baby.

Green Sprouts has a line of great cooling teethers, all with the same basic design. Each teether has a ring shape and texture to soothe teething. Inside is sterile water and the exterior is made of thick plastic, ensuring that it is safe and soothing. The most popular option is the classic teether ring. This teether has a large ring shape with bead-like bumps to create the ring. Each bump has a different texture and pattern for a massaging effect.

Dr. Brown’s Coolees is another great cooling teether. This teether has the shape of a watermelon wedge and is a solid teether. The entire piece is cooling and doesn’t have any liquid inside. This is appealing to parents who may worry about the teether getting a puncture or leaking. The size of this teether is most appropriate for children who are beginning teething and are cutting their first few teeth. As your baby grows older and bigger this toy may be a little small or soft for chewing with teeth.


Teething Rings

Another traditional teether is the ring teether. Usually made of some kind of plastic with texture, these simple yet effective teether toys are great for on the go. Ring teethers are easy for a baby to hold on to and most come in bright colors making them easy to locate in a diaper bag.

This Teether Ring Four Pack by Bonbino comes in a range of colors, from brights to blue neutrals. They have a solid design with four different textures around the ring. The solid structure, as opposed to liquid filled, make them easy to wash and durable through the teething stage.

This fish-shaped teether by Nuby is multifunctioning. It can also be used as a pacifier because there’s a ring to hold on to and chew but there’s a main V-shaped piece that is textured and has bristles to help cool and massage sore gums. This is a unique teether because the bristles also work like a toothbrush, cleaning gums while the baby chews.


The Best Teether Mitts

A more modern take on the teether is the teething mitt or mitten. This is a cloth mitten with a textured, silicone edge that baby wears and chews. These are a great way to help younger babies who are just starting to chew as the mitten is more difficult to drop or lose. Each mitten has a different design, from the fabric pattern to the mitten layout. Many have a paw shape or a classic mitten shape as well as fun patterns that fit any style or personality.

The BabyBliss Teething Mittens come in a two-pack in two different colors, each with the same basic shape. The edge of the mitten has three bumps, much like a paw, and a base with a patterned fabric. The mitten has a velcro tab at the bottom to keep it secure on your baby’s hand. These mittens come in two sizes, small and large, for babies 2 to 8 months and 8 to 12 months.

Munch Mitt has some of the cutest and modern designs to help your baby’s teether mitt work as an accessory. This one has a cactus pattern with a bright green silicone end. The standard mitten design provides two bumps for teething and some texture for massaging sensitive gums.


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