Watch the car from afar, sleeping baby edition

Whether you do it on purpose (driving around town to induce a nap) or by accident (windows down, music blaring, begging baby to stay awake to no avail), sooner or later your baby will fall asleep in the car. Some people can get babies back to sleep after extracting them from the car seat, but that’s not the case with my kid. Sure, you’ll be delighted to see the blissed out look of baby sleep, but you might also wonder what the frick to do with yourself.

Let sleeping babies lie

Here’s the tip: have a nap watching station all ready to go. With our house configuration, we can sit on the porch and keep an eye and ear on the car in the driveway. If you’re not so lucky, keep a lawn chair, cordless phone, and a stash of magazines (or your knitting), and a bottle of water handy. Instead of being frustrated, think of the blessed gift of time you’ve just been given!

If you’re not blessed with a full-on napping station, you can stash a book or a knitting project in the car and just hang out.

Oh yeah, keep a close eye on the baby to make sure he’s safe and comfortably sleeping! This is a mild weather tip.

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