Breastmilk Jewelry – A Guide to Our Favorite Breastmilk Rings and More

Okay, you probably are reeling just from the title of this article and wondering what the heck we are getting at with this one. It’s actually a pretty cool part of motherhood though, and a great way to remember the journey that is breastfeeding. So here we go with everything we know about breastmilk jewelry, breast milk rings, and everything else that goes along with them.

The basic idea of a breast milk ring or piece of breastmilk jewelry is a keepsake memento filled with your very own breast milk. What we really love about this idea is that as unorthodox as it is, it’s a pretty practical memento rather than something that will sit in your room collecting dust. 

No matter how proud you might be to wear your own breast milk, I understand the fear of wondering what other people might think. Well, no need to worry because breast milk has a universal white-ish or yellow color most people won’t have any clue what’s really going on with your jewelry.

Breastmilk Jewelry – A Guide to Breastmilk Rings and More

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How it All Works

Every breast milk jeweler has their own method, but here are the basics. You will send in some of your breast milk to be mixed with some chemicals and hardened into a substance the jeweler can work with. Yeah, no floating liquid substance inside your jewelry. That’s a relief, right?

Breastmilk Jewelry Price

Breastmilk rings can vary in price pretty greatly, from about $40 all the way into the $500 range. Obviously, consider the fact that you are paying for longevity and quality the higher you go.


We live in a generation of two-day turnarounds on our Amazon Prime orders, but unfortunately, breast milk rings and more jewelry in this category can’t be made quite so quickly. Depending on the vendor you choose, expect anywhere from a month to a year wait. 

Breastmilk Jewelry Options We Think You’ll Like


You can find just about anything on Etsy, now including breast milk rings and all other sorts of jewelry. This Etsy store is one of my favorites! They sell rings, necklaces, and earrings so you are sure to find a piece you will love. Their jewelry is classic and timeless. Check Current Prices Here!

Beyond the Willow Tree

Beyond the Willow Tree has quickly become a favorite in the world of breast milk rings and more, just take a look at their stunning pieces and you’ll see why. Their pieces are the perfect balance of classic and trendy boho. The Opal Bar Necklace is a great example of this!

If you’re looking to branch out even farther from breast milk jewelry, this is a great jeweler to check out because they actually specialize in all DNA keepsake artistry. Because of their popularity and specialization in so many different kinds of keepsakes, they have very strict deadlines for orders and the wait can be quite long.

Mammas Liquid Love

Mammas Liquid Love was created by a mother, who is professionally a pharmacist, that experienced an extreme struggle with breastfeeding and saw the need for some way to remember the experience positively.

Their Tear Drop Rose Gold Diamond ring is our absolute favorite. While the wait time does change, it’s currently 8-13 weeks and they can ship internationally.

Little Milkmaid Treasures

At the Little Milkmaid Treasures, you can find some more creative and unique designs, like a hibiscus-shaped necklace pendant and moonbeam earrings.

They are very reasonably priced as well! Make sure to check out this shop when you’re looking for Nursing and Babywearing necklaces because they also have some great options in that department. 

Indigo Willow

Just like Beyond on the Willow Tree, Indigo Willow is one of the most popular options in breastmilk jewelry. They have tons of options in a wide variety of styles and are known for being very high quality. While their jewelry truly is beautiful, they do have some other options like a Geode Breast Milk desk ornament.

Indigo Willow has a special method of processing your breastmilk that they ensure will make it last in the long run. You also receive a full warranty on your jewelry for a year.

DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Kit

Calling all crafty mamas!! Surprisingly, making your own breast milk jewelry really isn’t that hard. It might just be a little more comfortable to deal with your own breast milk rather than to have to mail it out to somebody. Check Current Prices Here!

What are your thoughts on Breastmilk Jewelry? Let us know below in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is breast milk jewelry made?

You need about an ounce of breast milk to get started. The milk is then placed through a process of extreme heating and cooling and then placed in a chemical to preserve the milk. This creates a solid piece of milk that can be used as a stone in jewelry pieces from rings to necklaces to earrings.

How much milk do you need for breast milk jewelry?

About 1 ounce of breastmilk is all you need or 30 ml

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