What’s funny about being pregnant?

So, this pregnant woman walks into a bar… No, no, that’s not right. But pregnant people DO walk into things all the time. Ba-dum-bum.

Not funny now, but funny later.
When I think about what’s funny about pregnancy, it helps to take the long-view.

So many of the oddities and discomforts are actually quite hilarious when you’re not in the thick of it. For example: flatulence that a middle school boy would envy is mortifying in real life but terrific as an anecdote (“and then everyone exited the elevator at the next floor”). What about the amusing places we throw up (like the fancy restaurant that shall remain nameless or in my best friend’s driveway)? Gross now, funny later.

I asked other moms on twitter to weigh in on the lighter side of gestation and here are a few of my favorites.

Charly Baby Ts read my mind and tweeted: Getting stuck between stuff you thought you could squeeze through!

Sarah P (AKA @SARG814) said: Trying to tie your shoes Word. Frustrating now, funny later.

Sarah Whitten tweeted: Having to ask your husband to assess the bikini line before putting on a bathing suit b/c you can no longer see it. Eww.

Alice Daer said: Wearing a breathe-right nasal strip, a mouth guard, and compression socks to bed while holding a pregnancy pillow! Aww.

When the Baby Sleeps tweeted: The toothpaste dribble you always get down the front of your bump. Cracks me right up.

If anything jumps to mind, please share a funny memory in the comments to make our other readers giggle.

[Photo of me 8 months pregnant and laughing from Brian Smith]

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