Sew a tshirt dress for little missy

You know I’m officially crazy when I stop a mom in the park and ask if I can take a picture of her baby for my blog. As if a blog is something that she should understand and clearly want to be a part of. Cuckoo.

Anyhow, little Natasha’s mom was agreeable, and I am grateful because I really wanted to show the world how cute her superhipster get-up was. Project Runway fans, look out!

Her mom wanted me to credit her friend Sandy for giving her the idea to take her own t-shirt and sew up the sides. Sorry I didn’t get too many more instructions than that, but for the crafty among you, perhaps you’ll be inspired. Plus, just sewing two side seams doesn’t sound too hard. This rookie mom did it by hand. Natasha’s dress has some cute postmodern embelishments, too. A bonus is that the pants (check out the ruffly legs) are also derived from a refashioned t-shirt.

Love it or hate it? Or use the polite term that I learned on BabyCenter – “not my style”.

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