The Secret of a Perfectly Decorated Room is Easier than you Think

I’ve learned over my 35 years of life that there are many things I am good at. I am a heck of a meal planner, I am a hard worker, I can make a wicked sea-salt and chocolate chip cookie. The one thing I know I cannot do is become an interior designer. I just cannot decorate a room well. I know the style I like, but I don’t know if it’s the lack of time or just lack of vision, but I cannot seem to know how to put together those little touches to make a room look amazing. Thankfully, I have found what might be my favorite new thing in the entire world (I’m not exaggerating), Modsy, a site which decorates my room for me.

The Secret of a Perfectly Decorated Room is Easier than you Think

I have always wanted to redecorate our family room. It’s fine, but it’s just kind of blah. Recently, I tried out a site called Modsy. The site promises to offer a way for you to “See your exact room, expertly designed in 3D, with actual pieces of furniture from well-known brands” I scrolled a little further down and saw that the brands were places like West Elm, Pottery Barn, and Crate & Barrel. I heard those names and my eyes lit up. So, I decided to make the leap and dive into the process of redecorating my room.

How it Works – The Setup

Choose A Room & Options

When you start out on Modsy, the first thing they ask are some simple questions to get you started. You choose the room you want to design, then they ask what type of project is it. Do you need help with a room layout, want to redecorate, or maybe just adding a few pieces to your current room. All in all, it took a minute at the most.

Budget & Design

After the room options, I had the option to set a budget from $2,500 to $10,000 so that the design team knows how much I want to be changed. Then I took the style quiz. After looking at a few pictures it was easy to decide that my style was “urban and trendy” Lastly, Modsy asked me for my brand preferences and then I was able to add some personal notes. In my case, I wanted to make sure the room was kid-friendly and there was plenty of seating for the kiddos to watch TV.

Snap Some Pics & Measure

The final step is to take some pictures of your room, no need to declutter or take things down. Modsy gives you some tips on things you need to do to make sure the picture works well for them. Really Simple tips like making sure the floor and the ceiling were in the entire picture. I ended up snapping seven pictures and sending them over.

I was a little nervous when they asked for measurements, but the process was super simple. I just had to measure the length of two walls plus the height of my ceiling”¦.that I can handle. Lastly, If there is a piece of furniture that you want to keep, just let Modsy know and they will make sure to include it in all your designs. So, if there is a couch or chair you love, let them know and it will be part of the design. I was ready for a complete redesign so I let the Modsy team change everything.

Just A Few Days Later – Magic Arrived in my Inbox

In less than a week the Modsy team sent an email that my designs were ready. I clicked on the link and voila, my new 3D Room Design had arrived and it was incredible. I received two designs. I liked some of the elements of the first design, but it was not exactly what I was looking for. The 2nd design though was perfect! I pretty much loved everything they did to the room. It was amazing to see your room transformed before your eyes.

One of the great features about Modsy is that not only do you get a 360 Virtual tour you also get several different image angles that give you a great feel for your new room. Even an overhead shot so that you can see how everything lays out.

You will know every element of the design

Each design you receive has little white dots throughout the room to tell you about each item and the price of the item. But before you get ready to do some shopping, you can work with your Modsy design team to make unlimited revisions to the room. For me, it wasn’t about the look, I loved everything, and even my husband was completely in awe of the transformation. I did ask to see if they could look for some rugs that were less expensive because they were a little out of my price range.

In about 24-48 hours the Modsy team sends over a revised look and you can either stick with that design or continue to make changes. It really is pretty amazing.

One Stop Shopping

Once you have your final design that you love, you can order the items directly from Modsy as they are connected to all the brands. You will even get the sale price of the item if it is on sale on the brand’s site. Modsy does have some additional savings too. If you signed up for the Modsy Plus or Modsy Premium plan you can save up to an additional $250 off your purchase which is a nice little perk.

The aspect I really enjoyed is you can pick and choose the items you like and not have to shop at 7 different sites to get the items you want. It is a real timesaver.

How Much does Modsy Cost?

I think the one thing that really shocked me about Modsy was how affordable it is. Starting at $59 for one room you get:

  • 2 initial design plans based on your project details and Style Quiz results
  • Unlimited revisions: Send feedback to the Modsy Design Team
  • Shop directly from your designs in one cart
  • Designs delivered in < 3 weeks

If you want faster service and are like me and need a little extra care: Sign up for the Modsy Plus or Premium Campaigns

The Plus campaign ($79/room) turns your design around in less than 2 weeks and the Premium Plan ($149/room) turns the design around in less than one week. Plus, with the premium plan you get 1:1 sessions with your personal dedicated Modsy Designer.

Now, if your room budget is more than $1,000 on your redecorating your room, then the plus or premium plan are definitely worth it as you receive $100 off $1,000 or $250 off $2,500 when you purchase the items directly through Modsy.

Rookie Moms can save 20% OFF Any Modsy Plan when you use promo code: ROOKIE20


I could not be more impressed with this service. This is an amazing product for a mom like me who does not have the time to design a room, and to be honest even if I did, I could not put a room as well together as the design team at Modsy. I have always wanted an interior designer to decorate my home and now with Modsy, I can actually afford one. I already know the next project Modsy will be re-designing, my master bedroom.

*This is a sponsored post from Modsy, but all thoughts are my own because you know us moms like to speak our mind*

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