The Best Diapers You Can Buy in Bulk

Do you know what your house is full of more than anything when you have a baby? Diapers. In fact, your baby can go through as many as 3,000 diapers in just one year! This being said, buying in bulk is definitely preferable and we love that Sam’s Club makes this possible. I received product and compensation from Sam’s Club as part of a sponsored program. All opinions are my own.

The BEST Diapers That You Can Buy in Bulk

Qualities to Look for in Diapers

In the last couple of years, parents have become increasingly aware of how important it is to really look into what goes into making baby’s diapers.

  • Softness- Obviously, you want your baby’s diapers to be soft since their bum is wrapped in them all day long.
  • Hypoallergenic Products- In recent years parents have become increasingly aware of how important it is for diapers to be hypoallergenic. This includes being free of chlorine bleach, lotions, and latex.
  • Super Absorbent- Absorbency is a very important thing to pay attention to when looking for the right diaper.
  • Find a Good Fit- When diapers are rigid and not stretchy, there is a higher chance for leaks. You want to look for diapers with a soft-stretch waist so that they perfectly fit your unique baby.

Why We Love the Member’s Mark Premium Baby Diapers

The Member’s Mark Premium Baby Diape from Sam’s Club check off every quality from the list above. They can stay absorbent for up to 12 hours. Our favorite thing about these diapers is their soft-stretch waistband, which keeps even the most active little one comfortable.

On top of all that, they have a premium ULTRASOFT® MAX LINER to help keep your baby’s skin dry, healthy and soft. Liners help to keep your baby’s skin dry, which is especially important when they begin to sleep through long stretches of the night. The liner in these diapers is not only hypoallergenic but enhanced with vitamin E and aloe to protect that little bum. Hooray for a no-leak diaper option that doesn’t break the bank!

These diapers are exclusively sold at Sam’s Club, and below you will find some other perks to the membership that will make you want to head over to your nearest club asap.

From 8/21-9/15 get $3 off Member’s Mark Diapers and Wipes! Limit 3 per person.

Diapers & More at Sam’s Club

These diapers alone are so great that I would recommend any mama check out getting a Sam’s Club membership. However, there are tons of other benefits to being a member. We have been members since we became parents many years ago and do a big portion of our shopping here. Honestly, it’s just so convenient and easy.

Our new favorite feature of membership is Club Pick-Up. You basically have Sam’s Club do your shopping for you. Add the items you want into your cart and select a time slot to pick up. When you arrive at Sam’s Club, your items will be there waiting! This service ends up saving me so much time, and honestly, money too, because I don’t get sucked into buying anything extra while meandering around the club.

The other feature I absolutely love is Scan & Go. With the Sam’s Club app you can simply go around the club and scan items as you place them in your basket. When you are all done you simply enter your credit card to pay and head directly to the exit. No Lines! It’s A-Mazing.

I received product and compensation from Sam’s Club as part of a sponsored program. All opinions are my own.

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