Make a list of 50 things you like to do

Write a huge list of what you love to do

This sounds like a self-help suggestion, but it’s actually really fun and the best part is trading your list with your friends and/or spouse if you can convince them to do it.

Heather challenged me to do make a list of 50 things I like to do, and then she went all over-achiever on my ass and came up with more than 100. This month when she was trying to figure out what to do on her birthday, it was exactly her flavor of a geeky challenge to see how many of her favorite things could be packed into one day.

An excerpt of my computerized list:

  • have adult slumber parties at Tahoe cabins
  • be complimented at work for my ideas
  • buy craft supplies
  • buy food at Monterey Market for Julian
  • check the mail
  • cross country ski when it’s sunny
  • design things
  • discuss things with Ryan
  • eat fish tacos and have pina colada at Picante on Friday night
  • eat soft chocolate chip cookies
  • fall asleep on couch
  • get 10K steps in one day
  • get pedicure
  • give handmade gifts

What’s on your list? Post an excerpt of your list (or the whole thing!) and comment with the link.

Let doing these things more frequently be a goal. Can you do them with baby in tow? Do you need help to make time for them?

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