Enchanting Autumn Baby Names to Celebrate the Season’s Hues

As the leaves don their vibrant autumn hues and the air fills with the crisp scent of fallen leaves, expecting parents may find themselves drawn to baby names that evoke the season’s ethereal beauty. From names inspired by the golden foliage to those that capture the tranquility of a crisp autumn day, here is a curated collection of enchanting autumn baby names to celebrate the season’s charm..

**Golden Hues:**.

* **Ember**: Embodying the warm glow of embers, this fiery name evokes the vibrant hues of autumn leaves..

* **Saffron**: Inspired by the golden spice, this name radiates warmth and cheer, akin to the sunlight filtering through autumn trees..

* **Marigold**: As bright and cheerful as its namesake flower, this name embodies the joy and optimism of the autumn season..

* **Aurelia**: Meaning .

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