Breakdown of the CYBEX e-PRIAM Stroller [Yes, it Rocks!]

One of the most luxurious stroller brands on the market, Cybex offers a range of higher-end strollers with attractive designs and features. The new Cybex e-PRIAM battery-powered and app-controlled stroller is one of a kind! It’s equipped with all-terrain tires letting you travel from gravel to dirt to concrete with ease. And, yes it literally rocks!

All About the CYBEX e-PRIAM

First let’s start with the basics. Like the traditional PRIAM, the e-PRIAM comes with a seat, and it can be fitted for the Cybex bassinet or the brand’s infant car seat, which can be front or rear facing. It has a one-hand fold function, an extra-large canopy, all-wheel suspension, and loads of storage space.

Of course, when a stroller has a price tag like this, looks matter! That’s why if you purchase through the company, the stroller is completely customizable by color. If you purchase it on Amazon, however, it is only available in three colors: fancy pink, indigo blue, and true red.

Some other features of the stroller that I love;

  • It is machine washable which is a HUGE plus. Honestly, with how fancy this stroller is I was worried it would be dry clean only. 
  • The stroller has a quick fold-down feature, and it does so completely without having to remove the seat. You can sit the baby into a high chair position or full recline with one hand.
  • It has a UPF 50+ sun canopy with a peek-a-boo window (that is very big so definitely an added touch).
  • As for accessories; it comes with a rain cover, a cup holder, car seat adapters (in case you don’t purchase the Cybex car seat), and a large storage basket with a weight capacity of 11 pounds and magnetic closures. 

Now on to the unique part. This is an electric stroller… which sounds pretty cool, but what does that actually mean?

First of all, the CYBEX e-PRIAM can detect when a parent is having to push harder because the terrain is uneven or because they are going uphill. When it detects this, the battery kicks in to make the rider smoother and easier on the pusher.

It is important to note that this is not a self-propelled stroller. The battery will only kick in when it detects either a harder grip on the handle (aka more effort being exerted by the pusher) or an uneven surface detection sensor goes off. You cannot just turn it on and watch your stroller stroll off into the sunset (so no worries about losing it or it walking off with your baby). 

The e-PRIAM’s four wheel suspension includes larger tires in the back which gives its sublime maneuverability, we’re talking about turning on a dime. Also, the wheels can be swapped for skis! This might just be the answer to your prayers if you live in a colder climates.

On top of the uneven surface support, it has a rocking function to soothe your baby while on the move or standing still. You can activate the rocking motion via the app. There are 3 rocking modes to choose from and you can choose the duration.

What we like

  • Cybex stroller has a motor feature that gives you assistance on steep hills or uneven surfaces but what we love is that is also assists in going downhill so you do not go too fast! 
  • The toddler board is great for a parent who has a walking toddler who wants to switch between riding and walking
  • The fabric is soft and luxurious 
  • The storage space is amazing and great for multiple bags and toys
  • It folds down quickly

What we’d like improved

  • The price, you’ve just had a baby and a stroller that costs over $1,000 when you add tax and all the travel system features is just a bit pricey
  • Its weight, this stroller has a battery so its heavier than other strollers but it comes in at a whopping 33 lbs
  • It’s difficult to put together, it does not come assembled and there are extra pieces, YouTube does have some tutorials 
  • Sometimes it’s hard to get the app to sync
  • It takes 6 hours for the battery to charge from dead to fully charged

There’s an App?!

The e-PRIAM app houses several help features. From here, you can control the battery operation and check to see the battery level. You can also adjust the intensity of the rocking motion. In order to use the app, you have to be very close if not pushing your stroller. The Bluetooth connection range is not far.

It is important to note that you can use the stroller without downloading the app. 

Unique to e-PRIAM

Before the CYBEX e-PRIAM there was the CYBEX PRIAM. So you might be wondering what is different between the two.

The main thing that sets the two apart is that the CYBEX e-PRIAM has an electric motor. It has an “uneven surface support” feature, which will kick the battery on if you are struggling to push without you having to take any action. It also has a rocking function which can be controlled from the new e-PRIAM app.

How much does it cost?

The frame plus the standard seat, which can be used as soon as your baby can sit upright, is available from Amazon for $999. 

If you want to purchase the 3-in-1 travel system, the additional items are sold separately and range from $260 for the carrycot to $400 for the Cloud Q infant car seat. There is also a toddler board available for $99, which latches to the back of the stroller. 

The CYBEX e-PRIAM comes with a two-year limited warranty, which covers defects in the manufacturing or material, and is based on normal use. In order to take advantage of the warranty offer, you will need to keep the original proof of purchase.

Shop the CYBEX e-PRIAM

Is the CYBEX e-PRIAM worth it?

If the price is not an issue for you, the CYBEX e-PRIAM might just be the best piece of baby gear you can buy. It is great for such a wide variety of activities from adventure days to city walking and hopping from subway to subway.

Not only is it beautiful, but you can also be confident that when you step outside, it is going to be an easy, pleasant ride for both you and your child. And, of course, there’s the more-than-helpful electric motor that truly sets this stroller apart from anything else in the luxury parenting market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Priam and e-Priam?

The CYBEX e-PRIAM has an electric motor. It has an “uneven surface support” feature, which will kick the battery on if you are struggling to push without you having to take any action. It also has a rocking function which can be controlled from the new e-PRIAM app.

Can you use the Cybex Priam from birth?

Yes, you can use the Cybex from birth. The seat it comes with is suited for newborns. You could use the bassinet attachment or the Cloud Q car seat.

How safe are CYBEX car seats?

CYBEX car seats are incredibly impressive. They have the best test crash score and over 450 awards for design, safety and innovation.

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