Monkeys Caught Smoking, Vaping at Maryland Zoo, Raising Health Concerns

**Monkeys Caught Smoking, Vaping at Maryland Zoo, Raising Health Concerns**.

**Glen Burnie, Maryland** – Zookeepers at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore are expressing concern after discovering that several monkeys have been caught smoking and vaping. The zoo has since banned smoking and vaping for all animals and visitors..

**Discovery of Smoking and Vaping**.

The zookeepers first noticed the unusual behavior in October 2023 when they observed a group of rhesus macaques in the outdoor enclosure puffing on cigarettes and e-cigarettes. The monkeys had apparently obtained the tobacco products from visitors who discarded them in the enclosure..

**Health Risks**.

Smoking and vaping pose serious health risks for humans and animals alike. Nicotine, the addictive substance in tobacco, can cause cardiovascular problems, respiratory issues, and cancer. It is also harmful to the developing brains of young animals..

**Zoo’s Response**.

Upon discovering the behavior, the zoo immediately banned smoking and vaping for all animals and visitors. They also confiscated all tobacco products from the enclosure and increased surveillance to prevent future incidents..

**Investigation and Consequences**.

The zoo is currently investigating how the monkeys obtained the tobacco products and who may have provided them to the animals. Visitors who violate the smoking and vaping ban may face penalties, including fines and bans from the zoo..

**Public Reaction**.

The incident has sparked public outrage and concern. Many visitors have expressed disgust at the thought of animals being exposed to harmful substances. Environmental groups have also criticized the zoo for not taking preventive measures sooner..

**Expert Advice**.

Veterinary experts emphasize the importance of keeping tobacco products away from animals. They recommend that zoo visitors dispose of their cigarettes and e-cigarettes properly and never throw them into animal enclosures..

**Ongoing Monitoring**.

The Maryland Zoo is continuing to monitor the health of the monkeys and providing them with supportive care. They are also working with other zoos and animal welfare organizations to develop best practices for preventing smoking and vaping in animal enclosures..


The discovery of monkeys smoking and vaping at the Maryland Zoo has raised concerns about the health and well-being of animals in zoos and the importance of responsible behavior from visitors. The zoo’s swift response and ongoing efforts to address the issue are commendable, and it serves as a reminder that the health and safety of animals must be the top priority in zoo environments..

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