Hong Kong Candidate Tony Chan Yuk-Ngan Defies Beijing Over Second Daughter’s Citizenship

**Tony Chan Yuk-ngan, a pro-establishment candidate in Hong Kong’s upcoming chief executive election, has defied Beijing by acknowledging that his second daughter holds a foreign passport.**

Chan, a former security chief, made the admission in an interview with the South China Morning Post on Sunday. He said that his daughter, who was born in Hong Kong, had obtained a passport from another country after she turned 18.

**Chan’s admission is a significant departure from the position of the Chinese government, which does not allow dual citizenship.** Dual citizenship is also not allowed under Hong Kong law, but there are no penalties for holding foreign passports.

**Chan’s revelation has sparked controversy in Hong Kong, with some people accusing him of being disloyal to China.** Others have defended Chan, saying that he is simply being pragmatic about the reality of Hong Kong’s international status.

**Chan is one of four candidates running in the chief executive election, which will be held on May 8.** The other candidates are former chief secretary John Lee, former financial secretary Henry Tang, and former judge Woo Kwok-hing.

**Lee is considered the frontrunner in the race, as he has the backing of the Chinese government.** Tang and Woo are considered to be long shots, but Chan is seen as a potential spoiler..

**Chan’s admission about his daughter’s citizenship could damage his chances of winning the election.** However, it could also appeal to some voters who are concerned about Beijing’s increasing influence in Hong Kong..

**The chief executive election is being closely watched as a test of Beijing’s control over Hong Kong.** If Chan wins, it would be a sign that Beijing is willing to tolerate some dissent within the city’s political system. However, if Lee wins, it would be a sign that Beijing is tightening its grip on Hong Kong..

**The election is also being seen as a referendum on the future of Hong Kong.** If Chan wins, it could give hope to those who believe that Hong Kong can maintain its autonomy from China. However, if Lee wins, it could lead to further erosion of Hong Kong’s freedoms and autonomy..

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