Pregnant Woman Delivers Baby on Southwest Airlines Flight

**Pregnant Woman Delivers Baby on Southwest Airlines Flight**

**October 5, 2023**

A pregnant woman has given birth to a baby boy on a Southwest Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, with the help of the crew and other passengers.

The woman’s water broke mid-flight, and the flight attendants quickly sprang into action. They cleared the nearest row of seats and created a makeshift birthing area using blankets and pillows.

Several passengers, including a nurse, assisted the woman in delivering the baby. The flight crew also provided support and kept the other passengers calm during the unexpected event.

The baby, named Skyler, was born just minutes before the plane landed at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Paramedics were waiting on the tarmac to take the mother and baby to a nearby hospital for further care.

According to a statement from Southwest Airlines, the mother and baby are both in good condition. The airline praised the crew and passengers for their quick thinking and compassion.


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