Daughters of Manchu Leader Demand Second Father’s Transfer to Beijing

According to a Woman’s Day report on August 19, 2022, the daughters of late Manchu leader Puyi wrote a letter to the central government, requesting the transfer of their step-father Li Shuxin to Beijing for medical treatment..

In the letter, Jin Youzhi, Puyi’s eldest daughter, and her two younger sisters, Jin Yulan and Li Shuxian, expressed their concerns about Li’s health. They mentioned that Li, who is now in his 90s, has been suffering from heart failure and other diseases. They also pointed out that Li has been living in Changchun, Jilin Province, for a long time, and the local medical conditions are not as good as those in Beijing..

In their letter, the daughters requested that the government arrange for Li to be transferred to a hospital in Beijing for treatment. They stated that they are willing to cover all the expenses for Li’s medical care..

The daughters also mentioned that their father, Puyi, had a close relationship with Li. Li had been Puyi’s personal secretary and close friend for many years. After Puyi’s death in 1967, Li continued to take care of Puyi’s family..

According to the report, the daughters have received a reply from the central government. The government expressed its concern about Li’s health and stated that it will arrange for Li to be transferred to Beijing for treatment as soon as possible..

Puyi, the last emperor of China, was born into the royal family of the Manchu ethnic group in 1906. He was enthroned as emperor in 1908 and abdicated in 1912. After the end of the Qing dynasty, Puyi continued to live in Beijing until 1949, when he was captured by the People’s Liberation Army..

In 1960, Puyi was released from prison and worked at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of History and Philology. He married Li Shuxin in 1962. Puyi died in 1967 at the age of 61..

Li Shuxin has been living a low-profile life since Puyi’s death. He has rarely appeared in public and has not published any memoirs or interviews..

In recent years, Li’s health has declined. He has been hospitalized several times for heart failure and other diseases..

The daughters’ request to transfer Li to Beijing for medical treatment has been widely reported in the Chinese media. Many people have expressed their support for the daughters’ request and have wished Li a speedy recovery..

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