Create a family photo wall

Real grown-ups probably have one of these in their house already. I am just getting started. I started working on my picture wall to help Julian learn his grandparents’ faces. Now I use it to show Scarlett who they are before they come.

I suggest assigning this task to family members, both to get it done faster, and so that no one complains that they don’t like the picture you chose of them. Call all the grandparents and tell them to bring you a picture for this wall. (They should be highly motivated when you tell them it’s for baby to get to know them better. )

To build an outing around this, go out to a frame store and decide what kind you want.

Grown Up family photo wall by

Or check out (pictured here) the Picture Wall Company product that will make this as easy as possible, with templates to show you exactly where to put the hooks — at a cost.

For much less, buy a set of matching frames in various sizes from Amazon. The kit pictured here is less than $70 for seven coordinating frames.

7-frame set on Amazon

Once your wall of fame is in place, walk by with baby and point everyone out and say their names.

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