Hong Kong’s Election Committee to Elect Next Leader in March 2022

Hong Kong’s 1,500-member Election Committee will select the city’s next leader in March 2022, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said on Thursday, setting the stage for a race that is expected to pit pro-establishment and pro-democracy candidates against each other..

The Election Committee, which is dominated by pro-Beijing figures, has been expanded from 1,200 members under the previous electoral system to 1,500 under the new system. The pro-establishment camp is expected to maintain its dominance in the committee, which will also elect 40 of the 70 members of the Legislative Council..

The pro-democracy camp, which won a majority of seats in the Legislative Council in the 2019 district council elections, is expected to face an uphill battle in the Election Committee race. The camp has been weakened by the disqualification of several of its members from the Legislative Council and the arrest of some of its leaders under the national security law..

The election of the next chief executive is seen as a key test of the new electoral system that was imposed on Hong Kong by Beijing. The system has been criticized by pro-democracy activists as undemocratic and designed to ensure that only pro-establishment candidates can win elections..

The Chinese government has defended the new electoral system, saying that it is necessary to ensure that Hong Kong is governed by .

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