How to put newborn twins in a Moby wrap. Sort of.

I don’t typically have patience for long videos on the web, but this tickled me because it represents such a funny moment in time.

First, although this new dad barely knows what he’s doing, he felt compelled to make a “How to” video to show off his skill. Again, he’s not a master of this skill, and that is apparent in the video.

Next, he probably hasn’t slept in weeks. I bet he’ll enjoy looking back on this with an, “Oh my god, remember when the twins were born and we were crazy exhausted?”

And finally, the way he talks to his mom, who is off camera, but clearly helping him out, is just perfect. It reminds me that even when a mother has spent years caring for you, rocking you, wiping your butt, sending all sorts of nice things for your dorm room, your first apartment, for your pregnant wife, AND THEN comes over to wipe your own kids’ butts for you, you will probably still think she’s annoying. But you will say, “Mom, Mom, Mom, watch me put my babies in a Moby wrap. Aren’t I amazing? Mom? Mom, are you watching? Should I put this on the Internet? Mom? I’m so good at this, right Mom?”

And she will say, “Yes, honey. You are. Let me hold those babies for you so that you can put your video on the Internet.”

Sincerely, though, I appreciate Brian’s willingness to show how it really works. That it might require a few takes, an extra set of arms, and maybe even the motivation of having the Internet watch you to attempt something as brave as putting twin newborns in a Moby wrap.

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