Rajnath Oka’s Maternity Benefit Scheme for Women Soldiers of All Ranks

In a significant move, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has approved the extension of Maternity Benefit Scheme for women soldiers of all ranks in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. This scheme will provide financial assistance to women soldiers who are proceeding on maternity leave..

The Maternity Benefit Scheme will be effective from January 1, 2023, and will provide a lump sum amount of Rs 6,000 to women soldiers for each child born or adopted. This amount will be in addition to the regular salary and allowances that the women soldiers are entitled to..

The scheme will cover all women soldiers, irrespective of their rank or service conditions. This includes women officers, junior commissioned officers (JCOs) and other ranks..

The Maternity Benefit Scheme is a significant step towards ensuring the welfare of women soldiers and their families. It will provide financial support to women soldiers who are balancing their professional and personal responsibilities..

The scheme was announced by the Defense Minister at a press conference in New Delhi on Monday. He said that the scheme is a recognition of the important role that women soldiers play in the defense of the country..


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