The Best Way to Document Your Baby’s First Milestones with BabyCube

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The age-old saying that the days are long but the years are short pretty much sums up parenting to a tee. That is why my number one piece of advice to new mamas is always to soak in every moment with their sweet new baby and to capture the special moments, too! BabyCube is a brand new product that makes writing down all the milestones you want to remember about your baby’s first year simple. At the end of the year, you will have both a digital copy of your notes and printed notes in a gorgeous wooden box. I’ll tell you all about it below!  

What is BabyCube? 

Alright, so you are probably wondering what exactly BabyCube is. This is a new product that was created by NoteCube, who specializes in sentimental and meaningful gifts, to make it easy for moms to encapsulate all the memories made in their baby’s first year of life. Rather than jotting down your baby’s biggest moments in your phone notes (I am guilty of this) or dealing with the hassle of scrapbooking a baby book together, BabyCube will remind you to write down the big moments through the first year and then put them in a beautiful box to keep them safe. 

How Does BabyCube Work?

First things first, click here to purchase your BabyCube. You can also gift BabyCube to someone, click the “Purchase as Gift” link to send a gift card their way. 

Once you have purchased (or been gifted) your BabyCube, you can immediately get started on your notes. I also want to point out that if your baby is already born, you can fill in notes for the past weeks so don’t worry if you’re getting a later start. There will be 52 notes for you to fill out, one for each week of the first year. It is set up to be filled out week by week, and at the beginning of the week, they will provide you with a memory suggestion prompt. There’s also the option to write something of your own. 

You can also include photos in your timeline next to each note! Keep in mind that they’ll be printed on card paper but as long as it’s a high-quality photo, it will come out well. I actually like the look of the photos printed on the paper they use, it gives them a keepsake look. 

Did I mention you can fill everything out right from your phone? I recommend just popping on during a nursing session or right before bed once a week and filling it out. Writing these memories down is 100% worth this extra effort. The reason I really love BabyCube is that it’s simple to use! New mamas don’t need to be adding any complicated tasks to their to-do list. 

The Final Masterpiece 

Once you have filled out all of the notes (which means your baby is turning one year old, time flies!), you will submit your timeline for printing. You will receive your notes in a beautiful wooden keepsake box, which you can customize with an engraving of your baby’s name and birth date. Each note is printed on a thick card so you can take them out and thumb through them over and over without worrying too much about wear and tear. 

The Digital Timeline

The final product of the notes in the box is truly a beautiful keepsake, but I have to mention one other thing that I really love about BabyCube. While creating your notes, it creates a digital timeline for you. You are able to share this digital timeline with friends and family so they can follow along with your baby’s first year. This is amazing for those of us that have loved ones who live far away from us or can’t visit often. 

Get this, you can also allow your loved ones to add notes to the box! There are 20 optional notes that you can use to let your family and friends write messages to your baby or write down special memories that they have had with your little one. 

Here’s What Our Rookie Mom Squad Thought!

Karissa from our Rookie Mom Squad welcomed her second sweet baby boy in 2020, and the craziness of having a toddler and newborn prevented her from writing down some of the sweet milestone moments in a traditional baby book. 

When she heard about BabyCube she jumped at the opportunity to try it out so that she could transfer all those iPhone notes documenting their most special memories into a beautiful keepsake. You see, that’s the great thing about BabyCube! While you can start it before your baby even arrives and write down everything in real time, you have the option to go back in and fill out the notes later on as well. This is SO nice because those first few months with a new baby can be a little hectic. 

Along with being able to fill the notecards out at her own pace, Karissa loved the different prompts that each week gave (they send you weekly reminders to fill your card out as well!). It makes it so much easier to come up with things to say and memories to jot down, especially when you’ve got a fussy baby in the background. Karissa loved capturing memories like how smiley Ryan always was, documenting the bond growing between him and his brother, and sweet moments like when he was first learning to crawl. These precious memories are now documented for their family to cherish forever, and the keepsake box they are stored in is absolutely gorgeous! We also have to mention that (as seen above) these cards are pretty durable so you can go through them and show your little ones without being too worried about wear and tear. 

These memories can be shared with more than just your immediate family! Karissa loved being able to share baby Ryan’s timeline with friends and family digitally. Your baby changes so quickly in the first year, so this is a great way to keep everyone in the loop! You can also share pictures of the baby this way and it provides more privacy than if you were to share on social media.

Take it from the Rookie Mom Squad, this is an incredible way to document your baby’s first year! It’s a keepsake that you will hold close to your heart and something amazing to be able to pass down and share with your little one. 

We all want to be able to look back and reminisce on our baby’s first milestones, from their first smile to their first steps and every little thing in between. I am all for making things easier in the first year of parenting, so I appreciate that BabyCube allows you to capture these moments without the time-consuming hassle of putting a scrapbook together. The beautiful wooden box and printed cards really are something you can treasure for years to come and even share with your little one as they get older. 

Whether you are expecting yourself or looking for the perfect gift for a new mama in your life, click here to learn more about BabyCube and purchase yours.

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