Sixy Red Revels: Babi’s daddy reveals baby due date

Babi Christina Engelbrecht’s baby daddy, Sixy Red Revels has disclosed the expected due date of their baby..

Revels made the revelation via a social media platform, Instagram precisely..

“Can’t wait to meet our little munchkin in 6 weeks. We’re so blessed. Love you,” he wrote..

The couple who have been together for years finally made the decision to have a baby and they are both excited about it..

Babi is a content creator and has been sharing her pregnancy journey with her followers. She has been sharing her experiences and also give tips to other pregnant women..

The couple is expected to get married soon and they are already planning their wedding..

In other news, the couple recently celebrated their babymoon in Dubai. They shared photos and videos of their trip on social media..

The couple is very happy and excited to welcome their baby into the world. We wish them all the best in their new journey as parents..

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