Diaper Genie Expressions can change its own clothes

This post was sponsored by Playtex Baby. All opinions, experiences, and photos are my own.

The blue-dot fabric was our first pick in the nursery

When the Playtex brand asked for real moms to review the new Diaper Genie Expressions diaper pail, Whitney and Heather knew that with two little dudes in diapers, I would not only be excited to try a new Diaper Genie out, but needed one as soon as possible! Although my older son is slowly transitioning out of diapers, some days, I find myself with two kids and a whole lot of dirty diapers on my hands.

As I opened the new Diaper Genie packaging, the first thing I noticed was that Diaper Genie Expressions took a genius approach to their product and has now stylized their uber-functional diaper pail so that it can become a stylish and functional part of any room.

This Diaper Genie comes with five different fabric covers (pinks, blues, and grays) – all in soft tones and patterns which would match any nursery style so I can customize my pail based on the room I keep it in. I was thrilled about this idea because right now our diaper pail moves around the house throughout the day.

The fabric covers come standard with Diaper Genie Expressions

My baby sleeps in our bedroom, so we keep the Diaper Genie in with us, although we sometimes pull it into my older son’s room. We also like it in the bathroom; however, all three rooms have very different styles! I loved quickly changing the fabric cover on the Diaper Genie to match the room it is in; it made the room look so much more put-together and made the Diaper Genie look cute instead of cumbersome.

Look at the cool gray cover when it goes in my bathroom!

Changing designs is dead simple. In order to switch designs, all you have to do is slide the fabric cover off and slide a new one on. I stored my extra covers in my linen closet. Covers are easily washable and really do make the room look sophisticated and modern. The new Diaper Genie’s design makes it easy to quickly dispose of a diaper, and I love that even if my older son could open it, he can’t stick his hand inside! Plus, the top closes quietly, which makes for easier middle of the night diaper changes because you won’t startle the baby (or older kiddo) by the slamming of the lid.

The size of this Diaper Genie is perfect to fit in a corner in my bedroom, as well as our smallish bathroom really well. I could see this Diaper Genie working well for apartment dwellers because of its size and the fact that you could change designs as you change rooms it is in.

This new Diaper Genie does its main job really well! I used it for a few days and noticed no diaper smell in the bedroom or bathroom (and you know those toddler diapers are no joke!). The new Expressions Diaper Genie uses the same liners as earlier models, so I was already all stocked up, which made transitioning to this new one seamless. The Diaper Genie comes fully built, my toddler even helped me take it out of the box and had a fun time picking the first cover for it.

Bottom Line: I’m really impressed with not only the functionality of the Diaper Genie, but adore the sweet new fashionable fabric liners as well.

[All photos by Olivia Howell, all rights reserved]

Note: This post was sponsored by Playtex. All experiences and opinions are my own.

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