Google AI-Powered Tool Can Extract Data from Scanned Forms

**Google AI Tool ‘Atlas’ Automates Data Extraction from Scanned Forms**

Google has developed a new AI-powered tool called ‘Atlas’ that can automatically extract data from scanned forms. This tool could streamline operations for businesses that process large volumes of paper documents, including those in healthcare, finance, and logistics.

**How Google Atlas Works**

Atlas leverages optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) to parse unstructured data from scanned forms. It can identify different form elements, such as text fields, checkboxes, and signatures. By combining OCR and NLP, Atlas achieves high levels of accuracy in extracting data from complex and varying form layouts.

**Benefits of Google Atlas**

Automating data extraction from scanned forms offers several advantages, including:

* **Reduced Manual Effort:** Atlas eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving businesses time and resources.
* **Improved Accuracy:** AI algorithms can process large volumes of data quickly and accurately, reducing errors that may occur with manual data entry.
* **Streamlined Workflows:** Atlas can seamlessly integrate with existing systems, enabling businesses to automate data extraction processes and improve efficiency.
* **Enhanced Data Quality:** By providing structured, machine-readable data, Atlas improves data quality and consistency. This facilitates better decision-making and data analysis.

**Applications of Google Atlas**

Google Atlas has a wide range of applications across industries:

* **Healthcare:** Automating data extraction from patient forms, insurance claims, and medical records.
* **Finance:** Simplifying data processing for loan applications, tax forms, and financial statements.
* **Logistics:** Extracting data from shipping documents, customs forms, and inventory lists.

**Availability and Pricing**

Google Atlas is currently available as a cloud-based service through Google Cloud Platform. Pricing is based on usage and can vary depending on the volume of forms processed.


Google Atlas represents a significant advancement in automating data extraction from scanned forms. This AI-powered tool can revolutionize data processing workflows, improve accuracy, and drive operational efficiency across various industries. By leveraging Google’s advanced machine learning capabilities, Atlas empowers businesses to make better use of their data and enhance productivity..

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