Academy Awards: Fashion Pregrant Starts, Maternity Wear Styles Oscar’s Red Carpet

Prepare for a pregnant-filled Oscars red carpet, as several A-listers are expected to debut their baby bumps on the iconic red staircase on March 12..

From first-time moms-to-be to those embracing their second or third pregnancies, Hollywood’s finest are showcasing that maternity style can be both glamorous and chic. Here are some of the expectant celebrities who are likely to turn heads with their red carpet maternity looks:.

**Carey Mulligan**.

Carey Mulligan is expecting her third child with husband Marcus Mumford. The British actress is known for her elegant and timeless style, which she is sure to carry over to her maternity wardrobe..

**Zoe Kravitz**.

Zoe Kravitz is expecting her first child with boyfriend Channing Tatum. The .

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