Best Nursing Bras for New Moms: The 5 Styles You Need to Own!

The nursing bra is a maternity wardrobe staple. It makes breastfeeding easier, provides you with crucial support, and can make your first few weeks with a new baby a bit more cheerful and relaxing. Finding the best nursing bras can be hard, but luckily just like everyday bras, nursing bras come in a variety of styles and may even function as a maternity bra before giving birth. With everything that new motherhood brings on, you can at least count on the support of your maternity bra! 

Nursing Bra versus Maternity Bra: What’s the difference?

Nursing Bra

A nursing bra is, in fact, different from an everyday bra because it can be worn while feeding. For example, nursing bras either have built-in clips that allow you to pull the cup down, or are designed to make the cups easy to pull aside with a V front for comfortable breastfeeding.

Maternity Bra

Maternity bras are worn before the baby arrives. Luckily, just like the rest of your maternity wardrobe, maternity bras take into consideration your changing body and offer extra support and comfort. 

Shopping for Nursing Bras

How Many

Finding the best nursing bra for your body can be overwhelming. First off, how many do you need? The general suggestion is to have two for daily wear. Personally, I think this number is a bit low. You might want to buy double this amount. This would leave you with four daily bras and two sleeping bras. I say yes to more bras, and no to more laundry!


Your size will fluctuate postpartum. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get a couple of bras in a larger size and a couple in your normal size. This will give you a range to find what is most comfortable. Do not be afraid to try a couple of different styles, as this might affect sizing also. 

Must Haves

  • Style: Find a style you love that fits in with your wardrobe 
  • Comfort: You will likely wear a nursing bra 24/7, and being comfy is a priority
  • Support: You want to be held in place, but avoid feeling restricted
  • Coverage: Good coverage means the bra is not swallowing your breasts or causing over spillage
  • Ease: You want straps and clasps that you can manage with one hand and don’t require any fiddling or adjusting throughout the day.

Best Nursing Bras

We organized this list by style, making it easy for you to shop based on your needs and to reference later once the baby is born and you’re figuring out what works best for you.

T-shirt bra

A t-shirt bra will become a go-to in your wardrobe, as they can be worn every day and under almost anything. A wonderful underwire free option is the Kindred Bravely Marvella maternity and nursing bra because the wideband eliminates the need for an underwire while the cups provide plenty of support. Click here to check them out.

Sports bra  

Having a great sports bra in your wardrobe is a necessity for busy moms. You’ll want something that’s supportive and functional.

Gabriela, from our Rookie Mom Squad, tried out the Caden Shae Maternity Nursing Sports Bra, which is the ultimate bra for any active mom. The breathable material and adjustable straps allow for ultimate comfort. The support of this bra is perfect and gives the needed support without the inconvenient feeling of underwire bras. The different style of bras gives each mom the option to choose the bra that best fits their needs. Check it out here!

Also, take a look at our complete guide to sports nursing bras here!

Sexy Nursing Bra

Nursing doesn’t mean sacrificing personal style. Look for a more sexy or dressed up bra with lace or a pretty color to help add some of your personality into your new wardrobe. A simple option is the Loving Moments by Leading Lady lace bra. You will love this full lace bra offered in several colors. Check current pricing here.

Hands-free Nursing Bra

A hands free nursing bra’s design works well with a breast pump. This bra usually zips up the front, has a hole in each cup for the breast pump, and helps to maintain proper suction during a pumping session. The Simple Wishes DLITE bra is a great option with removable straps and a Velcro back panel for added security, comfort, and adjusting the size. Check current pricing here.

Nursing Bras for Bedtime

Breastfeeding is a 24/7 task, making an awesome nursing bra essential for sleep. The best option is a wireless seamless bra with fully foldable cups and removable pads. They’re easy to convert for breastfeeding and the stretchy material compensates for your ranging size. One sleep bra that delivers all the above is the iLoveSIA full bust nursing bra. Not to mention, it comes in several colors and can be a solid maternity bra before baby is born. Check current pricing here. 

BONUS: Sensory Nursing Bra

The newest inclusion on our list is this new style from Seraphine Maternity. It is a comfortable stretch cotton nursing bra that offers a high contrast baby sensory print. We love its comfortable wide adjustable straps and full coverage modesty nursing panel making it a must-have in our opinion.

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