Book report: Your Fussy Baby

If you have the book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth then don’t be a sucker and buy Your Fussy Baby like I did. YFB is entirely included in HCHB. And I know this because I read both of them cover to cover when I had a super fussy baby.

When my first baby cried a lot, it was stressful and crazy-making. I had been told by people whom I trusted that six weeks was the “peak of fussiness” so when he was off-the-hook screamy at five and a half weeks, I broke down and bought the second book. (A remarkably similar thing happened with my third baby only I could instantly order with my mobile phone in the middle of the night rather than drive to the book store with my hair and clothes a mess!)

Don’t get me wrong. I love Dr. Weissbluth’s advice and techniques — pretty much everything about him except his editing skills. He is rock solid. He provides tangible steps that you can follow and reassuring words that this will not be your life forever.

Imagine my surprise when, after reading the entirety of Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, I felt that we needed to escalate to Dr. Weissbluth’s other book, more specifically addressing fussy babies, and cracking it open to learn that I had read every single word of advice already. Brilliant marketing, Doctor.

Bottom line: Buy the bigger book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child and you’ll have his expert hand-holding all the way up through your child’s teen years rather than just the first three months.

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