Make it a potluck

A potluck makes it easier to have friends over, and new moms need people!

I really love bossing people around organizing easy dinner parties. Gather some friends together for a BBQ or potluck. The easy thing is that by distributing the responsibilities, you’ll have less to worry about. And more fun all around.

Simple rules to sharing the load with a potluck:

Assign jobs and give yourself an easy one. The goal is to keep your butt out of the kitchen (Unless being in the kitchen is your thing… then delegate childcare to free your hands!)

Find a good location.

  • Outdoor meals generally mean less clean up before and after. If you choose to dine al fresco, bring plenty of sun protection (hats, sun blocks, tents).
  • Your house means you’ll have all your usual amenities plus a place to put the wee one down for a nap or bed.
  • A friend’s house or yard make it that much easier to cut and run.

Eat. I don’t mind if the food is mix-and-match. Please bring the tail end of your baguette and a container of blueberries. Let’s finish each other’s food!

This activity is especially great for rookie moms who have well-meaning friends who all want to stop by and visit the baby. Invite them to bring over dinner.

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