How Much Does a Doula Cost & Do I Need One?

So, you’re pregnant. While there are probably a lot of things you need to get figured out before your baby arrives, one of the most common concerns right off the bat is how labor will go. Rightfully so, as it can seem a little scary! When you get around to coming up with a birth plan, you may start to consider hiring a doula. I would definitely recommend looking into this no matter what you want your labor to look like. Your doula will become your comforter, your strength, and your advocate during delivery. These are women that have been present for countless births and their knowledge can be very calming when everything else feels chaotic. You might have some important questions like what will a doula cost? We are here with all the answers! 

What Does a Doula Do?

Doula Services basically can be described as a professional who is your best friend during labor. They are trained professionals who stay by your side to ensure you get the labor and delivery experience you wanted. They will help you get into more comfortable positions, talk you through breathing exercises, and much more. The main purpose of having a doula around is to reduce medical intervention. Many moms feel like their births went much smoother with a doula (and sometimes quicker!) compared to without. While they are not medical professionals, they have a lot of experience with labor and delivery. They can help explain different medical terms or procedures when there is confusion between you and the doctor. This reduces both you and your partner’s anxieties. 

Most doulas will meet with you before and after delivery as well. Both visits provide reassurance and allow you to get out any pent up questions or worries. 

How Much Does a Doula Cost?  

The cost of a doula really varies. There are a couple of things that can factor into this cost, like what region you are in and if they charge a flat rate or hourly fee. The cost may also vary depending on how much experience or how popular the doula you are looking into might be. Before you even begin your search, I would recommend sitting down with your partner and discussing what price range feels comfortable to you. This is different for everyone and delivering a baby sure isn’t cheap! However, keep in mind having a smooth labor and delivery is priceless. 

What will change the cost?

  • Location
  • Flat Rate vs Hourly Fee
  • Doula’s Previous Experiences
  • Doula’s Popularity 
  • Whether they are a certified doula (I always recommend choosing a certified doula)
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Care Options 
  • Certification (doulas do not have to be certified, but I do recommend trying to choose one who is. DONA International is a common certification program)

Average Price Range of a Doula 

You should be expecting to spend around $1000 on your doula. The common range of payment is from $800 to $3000. You might be surprised to hear that many insurances will actually cover the cost of a doula or at least reimburse you. 

If you are looking for ways to cut the cost, I recommend searching for a doula in training. Keep your eyes and ears open for a new doula training under someone with a lot of experience.

What Makes the Cost of a Doula Worth It?

Like we said above, the labor support and the emotional support doulas provide are priceless. This is why more and more new moms have one in their delivery room these days. You will likely meet with your doula before delivery to discuss your birth plan, she will be there during the delivery, and often even see you a couple of times after your baby has arrived. Although the price may seem high, you truly will get a lot out of the investment.  



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