Print baby trading cards

Until our first kids turned four, my mom’s group held a yearly joint birthday party for our babies, in addition to their own private birthday parties. When they turned two, I volunteered to do favors because the magnets I did the year before were such a hit.

The two-year old party favor was Mom’s Group Trading Cards.

What you need:

  • Current pictures and stats: Ask the moms in your group to email you a photo of their child and a few trivia facts.
  • The trading cards: Purchase business cards that go in an ink jet printer. Avery makes a product that creates eight cards per sheet.

How to make them:

  • Use the Word template that goes with your printable business cards. It says the number on the package.
  • Input text and images into each card space. I put the child’s name in larger type and then the birthday and factoids in smaller type.
  • Feel free to use my template to get started. We had 11 children, so I had to use two sheets. You can change the colors and fonts to suit your tastes. The cards shown at the top of this post are from the same template after fiddling with the fonts.
  • Now, print a full set for each family at your party.

At the party:

Shuffle all the cards together. Pass out the same number of cards as a complete set. Some people will get doubles or triples of one baby and none of another baby. Tell the guests to begin trading.

We had parents walking around saying “I have two Theos. I need an Ava. Who has an Ava?” Totally awesome.

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