Slide on the playground

Are you ready to see some big smiles? Or looks of horror? Be prepared for either.

Our babysitter taught us the following method for putting Julian on the slide when he was too young to slide sitting up:

  • Put baby on tummy, feet down, mid way up the slide.
  • Place his hands up near his face, not down at his sides. Hopefully he is holding his head up so that you are not about to smear his face against the metal as he goes down.
  • Let him slide down to the bottom.
  • Repeat. Repeat. Repeat until your back feels like you need a week at a spa.
  • Then sit down and let baby play in the sand while you think about that spa you’re never going to visit.

This is pretty safe (please note I am not a doctor or a paramedic) and after you get comfortable with it, you can let go and let him slide to the bottom.

Taking your baby to the playground to try out the slide is your 39th challenge for rookie moms.

If you’ve already made it to the playground with your baby this week, congrats! If you snapped a photo, tag it #rookiemoms on Instagram or Twitter.

But it’s COLD OUT! Do you know about indoor playgrounds? Google for indoor play spaces in your area. Most have a dedicated soft play area for babies.

Not ready for this challenge? Go back and start with an easier one.

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