The Adorably Spooky Trunk-or-Treat Guide

Halloween is definitely going to be different this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be amazing and fun and full of new traditions! We figured since we won’t be going door to door this year to celebrate that we would set up an epic Trunk-or-Treat with friends and family.

Below you will find a full guide on how to plan a Trunk-or-Treat event + find out where you can buy the absolute cutest decor!

Check out guide for a Halloween without trick-or-treating here!

How Do You Trunk or Treat?

Rather than going door to door for candy, you go trunk to trunk! This is a great option for this year because you can get together with family & friends in your bubble that you trust.

You can park the cars in a circle in a big parking lot (make sure you have permission!) or back them all up to the curb at the neighborhood park. Then, deck out your car with all your favorite Halloween decorations from cobwebs to pumpkins, balloon arches, banners, and more.

Then, all the kids can go car to car collecting candy. We opted for goodie bags to avoid reaching into bowls and to be able to give the kids something other than a ton of candy.

Getting the Party Started- Planning & Invites

Luckily, organizing a Trunk-or-Treat is pretty easy! Choose who you want to invite, pick a spot to meet up, send out invitations and instructions (goodie bags vs. candy, if you are wearing costumes, where to park, etc.).

There are tons of cute invitation options on Etsy (check them out below!), but if you are feeling crafty you could also make some of your own or send out a cute E-vite.

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Once you have got that all set, it is time to start planning what you will be handing out & how you will be decorating your own trunk!

*Keep in mind, Trunk-or-Treat events are totally adaptable. If you don’t want to gather in a parking lot, you could also plan a drive-by parade where you hand out goodies from your decorated car.

The Cutest Trunk or Treat Decorations

We went for a subtly boho + cute spooky look with our trunk. It ended up being such a cozy space to hang out that I might never want to go door-to-door trick-or-treating again!

Here’s what you need to complete this look:

  1. Halloween Balloon Banner: I am completely obsessed with the way this balloon banner tied the whole look together. It looks like something that took tons of time, but in reality, it was actually pretty easy to put together with the given instructions! Definitely opt for the addition of the balloon pump, though, it was a huge help.
  2. Wooden Trick-or-Treat Sign: Wooden signs are meant for more than just the front porch! This bold sign is perfect for drawing everyone in and it so adorable.
  3. Pumpkins, Pumpkins, & More Pumpkins: You can never have too many. We used both Customized Decorative Pumpkins and a Waxed Hand Painted Pumpkin to complete our look. Both shops that we bought from made it so easy to customize and get exactly what we were looking for, which I really appreciated.
  4. Cozy Spaces: Throw a colorful blanket down to take your trunk from drab to fab. Then, grab some cozy pillows and place them around the trunk to create comfortable places to sit. We just used what we already had sitting around the house.
  5. Hand Made Crafts: Our little ghost banner was so easy to make (and I’m not Pinterest-gifted). My 3-year-old actually loved helping out, also. Here’s a good tutorial!
  6. Goodie Bags: They make for a cute addition to the decorations and make handing out candy easy. Read on to find out what we put in ours!

2020 Must-Have! A Hand Sanitizing Station

A Hand-Sanitizing Station: We set up a quick & easy hand sanitizing station to be extra cautious. All that you need is a pouf, hand sanitizer wrapped in yarn for a mummified look, 1 adorable pumpkin, and a sign. Click here for our printable sign!

Shop Our Trunk-or-Treat Look:

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Halloween Goodie Bags

I love the idea of doing goodie bags versus handing out candy. First of all, all families are different and many parents aren’t all that cool with their toddler eating tons of candy.

The goodie bag route allows you to hand out other things like stickers, crayons, fruit snacks, and more. Target has a great party favors packs, check it out here!

What are your plans for this Halloween? Let us know your thoughts on Trunk-or-Treating below!

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