25 Adorable Diaper Covers for Baby Girls and Boys!

Diaper covers are not only adorable, but they also come with some pretty great perks! They provide an extra layer to your baby’s diaper which prevents leaks, and they also come in plenty of different options such as waterproof or super thick and warm material. You will also find them in many designs, varieties, and price points. Here are 25 adorable diaper covers you can find online or in-stores to suit your every diapering need!

25 Adorable Diaper Covers for Your Baby 

1. Babygoal

Babygoal cloth diaper covers are just what your little one will need. The pack comes with 6 cloth diaper covers with one free wet bag in each order. These diapers are easy to use and are machine washable and dryable. You can easily adjust the snaps as your baby grows. The best part? These environmentally friendly diaper covers provide a waterproof outside layer to prevent leaks. These covers come in prints for boys and girls that range from florals to little boats to bright patterns.

2. Hanes Ultimate Diaper Covers

If you aren’t into flashy-designed covers, then Hanes Ultimate diaper covers are the best choice for you. Each pack comes with 3 different colors of diaper covers. They also have a pull-on closure with 4-way stretch that will ensure a snug fit around the diaper and will reinforce its durability. 

3. Bambino Mio

Bambino Mio offers hundreds of different colors and designs of diaper covers so you’re sure to find something you love. They’re water-resistant and can be wiped clean in just one swipe. They also have double elasticated leg and waist cuffs to provide ultimate leak protection while still maintaining soft gentle comfort with a slim, snug fit.

4. Wrangler

Wrangler is one of the oldest and most popular jean brands. Now, you can find Wrangler diaper covers as well! They are made of 100% cotton that is machine washable, and have a crinoline underskirt to help keep their form and prevent folding or bunching.  

5. Thirsties Diaper Covers

Thirsties reusable cloth diaper covers offer a wide variety of different flashy designs as well as solid colors. The sizes vary from newborn/preemie (that feature an umbilical cord cut out) to all the way up to their larger sizes that fit 4 and 5 year olds (up to 40 pounds).

6. Adorable Cloud Island Hat and Diaper Cover Set

How cute are these bottoms with a little tail?  This accessory set includes one diaper cover and an adorable matching hat! It comes in ­­­3 delightful styles: baby llama, unicorn, and baby bear!

7. Flip

Flip is a multi-purpose diaper cover that also has compatibility with 3 different insert types: stay-dry, organic or disposable. The covers include snap closures for easy access, stretch-to-fit tabs that create a custom fit, and a contour flap that will hold the inserts in place. They are also form-fitting with leg elastic bands to help prevent leaks.

8. Cat & Jack

Cat & Jack is an exclusive brand only available at Target. The covers feature ruffle accents along the back and a small bow accent at the waist for an adorable look to add to any dress or outfit. The soft cotton-blend fabric makes these diapers breathable. 

9. gDiapers

gDiapers has claimed that they have “reinvented the diaper inside and out” by offering a cover with a blend of comfort, convenience, and style which comes with absorbent disposable inserts. The soft cotton breathable material also helps prevent your little one from getting diaper rash. 

10. Dandelion Diaper Covers

Dandelion Diapers are a unisex option that comes in an array of colors. One thing I love is the high-quality hook-loop that will last through many washes without wearing out. They are flexible and formfitting and have elastic around the leg and back openings to help prevent leaks. 

11. Button Cloth

These adorable diaper covers are one-size-fits-all, soft, leak-proof, and durable. It has a double-gusset feature around the legs that keeps the mess and wetness in. They have snaps that allow the covers to adjust to fit the diaper without bunching or folding. Plus, come in a variety of colors and materials to help match your little one’s outfit perfectly!

12. Hook and Loop

Hook and Loop diaper covers are for newborns that range from 5-13 pounds. These reusable diaper covers are completely waterproof. They feature double leg gussets that help contain any mess. The interior is easy to wipe clean and the gathered elastic in the front of the diaper allows room for the umbilical cord to heal.

13. Soft Cotton Cover

These covers from Etsy are handmade from super soft 100% cotton and they can be for boys or girls. They can be worn alone or added to outfits. The covers come in red, green, navy blue, royal blue, gray, brown, aqua blue, ivory/cream, orange & light blue.

14. Wool Hand Knit Nappy Diaper Covers

I love this unisex hand-knit wool diaper cover. All the soakers are made from either merino or alpaca merino wool yarn that has a natural ability to absorb and repel moisture. The yarn is also very breathable which will prevent diaper rash.

15. Monogrammed Baby Bloomers

You can also find personalized monogrammed baby bloomers on Etsy. They can be embroidered or monogrammed and you have the choice of font. Plus, they come in 6 different sizes and fit babies up to 38 pounds. 

16. Seersucker Waterproof Swim Diapers

Boys deserve adorable diaper covers, too! There are many waterproof cover options, but these specific ones are adorable custom made covers that include a protective waterproof lining. The outer shell is 100 % cotton seersucker and the soft inner lining is a PUL fabric (polyurethane laminate) that is waterproof.

17. Adorable Double Gauze Diaper Cover

This is my personal favorite on the list! These diapers are made from a 100% cotton double gauze fabric. There is elastic at the waist and in the legs, allowing for a comfortable fit. There multiple colors to choose from as well as 4 different sizing options that range from 0-18 months.

18. Adorable Diaper Covers Perfect for Newborn Photos

These diaper covers are a perfect choice for newborn photos. They are hand made from a soft stretch fabric material and are made to match your baby’s outfits. You can use them with or without a diaper on and they have a snuggly fit that helps with leak protection. 

19. Fox Hat & Diaper Sets

There are many different hat and cover sets available, but this is definitely one of my favorites. It is a hat and cover combo that comes in 4 different sizes for ages 0 to 12 months.

20. Lace Bloomers

If you have a little girl, then lace diaper covers are an adorable addition to any outfit. They are made with layers of soft lace on soft fabric with an added bow in the back. The one size fit is tailored for newborns up to 2 years old.

21. Adorable Tutu Bloomer Diaper Covers

It doesn’t get more precious than a dusty pink bow and a tutu to match on a sweet new baby girl. They have sizes 0-12 months, making it a great set for newborn photography or for a first birthday!

Nicki’s Diapers

The rest of this list is from one of my absolute favorite brands, Nicki’s Diapers. This company is run by a mother herself who wanted to make cloth diapering better and easier. They aim to give families the best diapering experience possible. 

22. Snap

The design Snap is a one-size cover that has an adjustable rise so it will fit your baby as it grows. Snap works best for babies that range from 8 to 35 pounds. The interior is wipeable and offers a combination of waterproof yet breathable material that is leak-proof. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs to pick from.

23. Pull-On Diaper Covers in Adorable Prints

The Pull-On option is easy to use and is perfect for overnight use because it offers full coverage that prevents leaks. They fit perfectly over any fitted, prefold, contour, or flat cloth diaper. They are generously sized and gentle on baby’s legs and waist, and they come in many sizes and colors.

24. Overnight

There are specific covers for every occasion, even ones designed for bedtime. The Overnight option is great, especially if your baby is a heavy wetter. They have 2 layers of interlock wool that are thick enough to help prevent leaks overnight. They are made from a 95% merino wool and a 5% spandex that is stretchy and breathable. 

25. Apple Cheeks

Another adorable diaper cover from Nicki’s Diapers! These are the Apple Cheeks. This is an option not only for babies but also for differently-abled children as well. They come in 4 sizes with 2 rows of snaps that fit individuals from 7 to 100 pounds. They have a durable elastic at the waist and legs for a gentle but snug fit to help prevent leaks. 


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