Gender Reveal Fireworks! How to celebrate the new Spark in your Life!

Gender reveal is no longer a small announcement among family and friends with a text or a Facebook post. No, now it includes a party and an elaborate reveal scheme. You might be wondering, how elaborate have these reveals become? Well, we think we have found the peak. Gender reveal fireworks are now a {pretty awesome} thing and we’re sharing the news with you just in time to add them to your 4th of July celebration. They’re the perfect way to reveal the gender of your future little firecracker. Just make sure to follow the laws of your city, and keep in mind their rules for legally setting of fireworks.

Gender Reveal Fireworks! How to celebrate the new Spark in your Life!

Invitation for a Gender Reveal Firework Show

This 4th of July themed invite

Or this firecracker invite

You can go with a colorful design

Check out this whole set with a invitations, a banner and cupcake toppers

We love all the gold in these invites

The perfect invites if you’re having a bbq

Firework Cake Ideas

You’ll probably want a cake that goes along with your party theme. Check out all these cute ideas!

A Little pin! {Bit Katy Perry Inspired}

Pink or Blue Kaboom

This Pretty Cake Topper   

A Cake for 4th of July Celebrations

These Toppers are Simple Yet Perfect

An Ombré Red, White and Blue Creation   

Options for Gender Reveal Fireworks

Keep in mind that shipping any fireworks will probably come with a hefty shipping fee, so they can get to you safely. It still might be worth it! Just make sure to check out local firework shops to see what they have to offer as well.

  • Phantom Fireworks

Check out their site here to order some gender reveal fireworks. They also have smoke and streamers if you’re looking for some extra excitement. They’re fireworks set off 12 shots and end with an extra bright bang. The colors are really clear, which is super important when you’re trying to tell if it’s an announcement of a boy or girl!

  • American Fireworks

These will set off 25 shots into the sky. Check out the video they have on their site and I think you’ll be sold on the idea.

  • Captain Boom Fireworks

Captain Boom has tons of options for gender reveal fireworks. They have some with a star effect which we think are pretty cool. Take a look at them all on their website and place an order!

  • Sparklers

These can be a really fun option and can get more people involved rather than just one person setting off the fireworks. This set comes with 25, so you can truly have one for everyone old enough to safely hold one. This is a good place to purchase some blue sparklers at a very reasonable price.

For a less intense option, check out some of these smoke bombs too! These or these are both great options.

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