Style your baby bump through all trimesters

Shana, the stylish 9 months pregnant 2nd time mom chick from The Mom Edit has the best fashion advice. I totally wish she lived near me and could take me shopping once a quarter so I could not worry about it and just look great. But enough about me. During Shana’s second pregnancy, she crushes the stereotype of unfashionable frumpy mom by staying hip and taking notes so the rest of us can learn from her.

Shana wears a sparkly headband to be fabulous

Here are quick links to Shana’s three-trimester strategy:

Trimester One – Hide the Bump. You’re not yet out of the maternity closet, so wear what you can to keep it under wraps. Shana suggests practical wardrobe pieces to buy and others to avoid (jeans!) Her belly-hiding fashion choices are also great for post-partum moms.

Trimester Two – Work the Bump. Pick up some accessories to show off your burgeoning belly (skinny belts) and build your maternity wardrobe with a few practical pieces. Don’t have a great pair of maternity yoga pants? Go get some.

Trimester Three – Flaunt the Bump. Even fully pregnant, Shana is a more stylish gal than me on a good day: high heels, short sweaters, and fitted everything. But she’s not just a fashion maven, she has tips for all of us. Feeling huge? Go monochromatic!

Once your baby arrives, Shana provides continuous style inspiration that is fun and practical. We wish her lots of good luck with the new little one.

Shana with soon-to-be big brother

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Shana from the Mom Edit

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