Cut up your baby announcements

When I saw this “first ornament” tutorial on Wedding Bee, I thought it meant for a baby’s first Christmas, but soon understood that it’s for a couple’s first married Christmas.

Why was I reading Who knows. I get easily lost in the Internets.

Made from leftover wedding invites, it is a clever and subtle tribute to the event, and easy to adapt for what you guys are probably more interested in — a baby’s first ornament.

And if your baby’s first Christmas is also your first married Christmas, well then Mazel Tov! Make ornaments for both occassions.

Materials needed:
> clear fillable globe-style ornament
> 4-6 baby announcements
> straight edge for cutting against
> cutting tool
> glue or adhesive

Cut announcements into strips. Roll up tight. Secure the end of each strip. Insert into ornament.

Find fillable ornaments at a craft supply store for about $1.25. (A set of 12 is on Amazon for $15.99.) They snap apart and back together again.

More complete photo tutorial >

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