Water play for babies

Photo: lubo mirkin

The best way to cool down on a hot day is also the easiest: just add water! Given the joy and hassle of taking a tiny person to a swimming pool, we wanted to give you some fun and easy ways to do it at home.

Pour out an inch into a high-chair tray to make a mini water table. I love this idea for those of us with another baby napping in the house!


As mama Jessica Ashley told me, “Boss Lady’s corporate fitness center has a bad-ass pool” kitted out with all the toys and a see-through soaking tub.

Yes to a small baby pool (this one’s just $8.50), jumbo plastic bin ($6 each with so many more uses), bowls, a sink full (for older babies and toddlers, we love potching)!

No to running the sprinklers all day and the mud-palooza that comes from a slip n slide.

(this sprinkler turns the hose into mega fun!)

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[Photo of Boss Lady given with permission by Jessica Ashley, all rights reserved Single Mom Nation, other picture by poushes via flickr, Whitney Moss]

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