15 Fun Winter Break Activities To Do with the Family

After a long four months of school, early mornings, and short nights it’s no wonder we crave the beloved winter break. Although it’s tempting to relax, watch movies and drink hot chocolate the whole break, there are things to do and memories to be made! This list of fifteen activities to do during winter break from Kate at Coupon Cravings will keep your kids busy and the entire family making memories to last a lifetime.

15 Fun Winter Break Activities To Do with the Family

Depending on where you live, the weather will always affect the number of fun things to do outside over winter break, but there is still fun to be had on the nicest days and even some fun inside!

Here is the list we compiled of 15 memorable things to do on Christmas break:

1. Family Sleepover in front of the Christmas tree

That’s right! Turn on the Christmas tree lights, grab your sleeping bags and make it a good old-fashioned sleepover. This is a wonderful winter break activity and one that your kids will never forget. If you do this … you’ll definitely be winning the “what did you do during winter break” inevitable back-to-school conversations.

2. Christmas staycation

Whether it’s at a local hotel or some friends’ home across town, break up the week and make some really fun memories with a staycation! And, not overthinking it will make the experience even better!  Pack your overnight items and head home in the morning. Bonus: everyone will be ready to rest after a night of fun!

See? Coming up with Christmas staycation ideas doesn’t have to be hard! There are probably plenty of winter break activities right around you that you have never had the chance to explore.

3. Christmas Caroling

Christmas caroling is a long, lost pastime, but why not bring it back over Christmas break? Show the kids a snippet of A Christmas Carol and you can be on your way. The great thing is, if it’s too cold outside, most nursing homes love it when carolers visit.

4. Puzzle Making

Keep those brains in tip-top shape with this fun, bonding activity! Our family does a new puzzle every year. As a mom, it’s hard to always have the dining room swallowed up by puzzle pieces, but seeing the family around the table all together makes it worth it, and then some!

5. Set Some Resolutions

Although we tend to think of goals for the New Year as an adult activity, encouraging children to join in on the fun is a fabulous way to show how great setting (and attaining) a goal that you’ve worked towards feels.

6. Learn Some History

Winter break is a great time to tour your own city. Just like you might take advantage of tours of other cities, this is a great time to think of and live through the memories of times past. Plus, since it’s chilly outside, doing some treasure hunting on Google won’t feel wrong.

7. Ice Skating

This is a great winter break activity that anyone from ages 4-100 can enjoy! Show up in any condition, rent some skates and enjoy checking out of “real life” for a while. Bonus: it’s a beautiful, fun atmosphere that can burn off those few extra cookies you snuck off the dessert tray.

8. Fondue Night

The school days and nights rush by, so there’s not much time to have a fun dinner … unless you’re on Christmas break, that is. Hosting a fondue night will give you a chance to get some different foods in front of your family while also showing them that a meal can be an experience.

9. Spa Day

Rest those little piggies and give them the break they need with a little spa day. The kids will have fun getting pampered as well as pampering you! And, for a fraction of the cost of going to a nail salon, you can pick up a few new colors to adorn everyone’s digits with.

10. Host a Hot Chocolate Happy Hour

Since most of the kids’ friends will likely be home, this is a great time to have friends over, enjoy some hot chocolate with all the fixings, of course, and tell stories!

11. Have a Movie Marathon

While we don’t want to be horizontal the entire break, claiming one day as movie marathon day will have the entire family waiting in excitement! Wondering what movies to have in your movie marathon? Wikipedia did a fabulous job rounding up most of the holiday favorites here!

12. Go swimming

Your local gym or hotel will likely host your family for a small fee if you’re not already a member. And, the kids will get a kick out of leaving the pool when it’s snowing outside.

13. Make an Igloo

If you live somewhere with snow, building an igloo has got to be on the top of your winter break activities list! Parents become cool when they get down on the ground and do some old-fashioned playing – and there’s nothing more awesome than building an igloo fort! BONUS points if you have a snowball fight between forts.

14. Volunteer

This is one of my favorite winter break activities of all. After you’ve had a chance to set some New Year’s resolutions for the family, you’ll have a good idea of what everyone is aiming for that year. Finding a volunteer opportunity that aligns with the New Year’s resolutions is a great way to kick those off, too!

15. Game Day

Bust out all of the favorite board games and make a day out of it! This will get everyone’s competitive spirits going and make sure the kids are ready to think come time to head back to school.

Did we miss any fun traditions that your family enjoys over winter break? Leave a comment below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What we can do in winter break?

Although it’s tempting to relax, watch movies and drink hot chocolate the whole break, there are things to do and memories to be made!
1. Have a sleepover in front of the Christmas tree
2. Go Christmas Caroling
3. Go Ice Skating
4. Have a Family Game Night
5. Build an Igloo or Snowman

What can you do at home during Christmas break?

Our favorite at-home Christmas break activities are:
1. Have a sleepover in front of the Christmas tree
2. Have a Family Game Night
3. Host a Fondue Night
4. Plan a Family Movie Night
5. Have a Spa Day

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