The 10 Best Baby Push Walkers for Your Baby on the Move

Once a baby learns to stand but is still mastering walking unassisted, a baby push walker can help bridge this gap. They provide some support for your child as they learn to walk, plus babies simply get a kick out of them. Baby push walkers are typically toys that incorporate a rolling feature that lets your child push them as they play. The best baby push walkers have multiple functions and grow-with-me features. These top 10 push walkers are the best because of their grow-with-me design, how easy they are to use, and how they can help babies build balance and muscle, all while playing.

The 10 Best Baby Push Walkers for Your on the Move Toddler

What is a baby push walker?

A baby push walker is a toy that has a base with all sorts of buttons, lights, and sounds. The base is on wheels and along one edge there is a handle, allowing baby to pull up to a standing position and continue to walk with the assistance of the toy. These toys are easy to push which gives babies the opportunity to build their independence. It will also help them learn motor skills, balance, and build muscle. Most baby push walkers will grow with the child. Your little one can start out playing with it from the floor in a sitting position. Then, gradually grow into using it to help them stand and walk. These toys keep baby interested and entertained while helping them develop into a toddler and beyond.

Baby Push Walker Must-Haves

With so many baby push walkers on the market, it can be difficult to choose one for your child. This is especially true if you make your purchase before they’re old enough to be walking. There are a few must-haves for any baby push walker. Keeping these in mind will make choosing the best one for your child a bit easier.

  • A grow-with-me design: you’ll want a walker that your child can start with on the floor and grow into.
  • Wheels: you’ll want wheels that will work with your flooring.
  • Stability: this walker will help support your child, so you’ll want something sturdy.
  • Durability: you want at least a year of use out of the walker, so you want to choose something that will hold up to daily use.
  • Easy to store: you’ll want to be able to collapse the walker or store it easily.
  • Age-appropriate: be sure the specific walker you choose is suitable for your child’s age.

Top 10 Best Baby Push Walkers


This walker will definitely grow with your baby! The toy starts as a baby gym perfect for floor time, which you can then convert to an activity panel for your baby to use when they can sit unassisted. From there the activity panel and play gym pieces work together to create an interactive walker. Baby can walk with assistance from the easy to use handle and the top holds the activity center for fun on wheels. The activity center has plenty of buttons, lights, sounds, and sensory activities to keep baby busy. This is a great grow-with-me toy for children ages 3 months to 3 years.


Another great multi-use toy is this grocery themed baby push walker. The base of this toy looks a small shopping cart, complete with a handle and wheels to push it around. The centerpiece has a basket for storage and an activity center that removes to play with on the floor as well as in the walker. The fun food-themed toys on the activity center keep baby interested, as well as adds groceries to the cart. This is a great toy for floor play, assisted walking, and all sorts of toddler play.


This jungle-themed walker offers fun for a range of ages. It can be a floor activity center, a standing activity table, or a walker. The curved activity table is a bit different from other flat activity panels. It has lights, buttons for sounds, and sliding toys all with fun jungle animals. This is a great option for those looking for a simple, straightforward baby push walker. It doesn’t even have to be re-assembled as the child grows!


This is a classic baby push walker. The front panel is the activity center, which easily removes to be played with on the floor without the walker. With a quick adjustment, the activity center can be attached to the walker for standing play and assisted walking. The bright colors give this that classic kid’s toy feel. The activity center has many toys within it, from a play telephone to a small piano and counting buttons along with a fun cow. There are over 70 songs in this center with music, sound effects, and phrases. The target age is 9 months to 3 years.


Another more traditional baby push walker is this puppy themed toy from Fisher-Price. The walker is one unit with no adjusting or moving parts. The front panel is the activity center that can be played with and reached from the floor as well as while standing. The walker portion stays assembled which can encourage curious standers to attempt walking. The fun puppy has 7 hands-on activities and over 70 sounds, songs, and phrases to both entertain and educate. This is a classic baby push walker that offers a grow with me design without reassembling or adjustable parts.


This simple, wooden baby push walker has a variety of toys within the base. I also love the chunky design, perfect for early-stage walkers. The design of the walker makes it easy to play with while seated on the floor, with beads and movable toys within the base and the walker support. This all wooden design, including the toys, gives this walker a very natural and elegant look. The chunky handle is perfect for new walkers to hold to both get to a standing position and for support while walking. The natural colored wood has pops of red and other accents, making this a great addition to any nursery or playroom. The ideal age range for this baby push walker is 12 months to 3 years.


Cossy has a whole line of baby walkers, each with their own fun theme. This one has a cute outdoor theme. There are two rabbits that run on the base of the walker while the baby pushes the unit. There are small floor toys attached to this base as well, making it fun for baby to play with while seated and gets them curious about standing and walking. There’s sliding beads on the support handle and gears in the base, making this a fun toy for 1 year olds who are apprehensive but ready to give walking a try.


This baby push walker has a 2 in 1 design which starts as a traditional baby walker. The baby sits in the center seat and pushes the toy with their feet, moving around the house as well as playing with the activity center. As baby gets older this unit converts to a standing baby push walker by removing the seat and using the front half as a walker. The activity center is minimal but fun with slide toys and rattle toys. This is a great beginner walker toy, as smaller children can use it to develop their leg muscles and continue through to walking.


For a baby push walker that can entertain baby from 9 months to 3 years, look at the types of play each activity center offers. This sit to stand walker can be used from the floor as an activity center, then altered to become a baby push walker for fun around the house. The last option in this convertible toy is as a play table for children who can stand and walk unassisted. The activity center can be flipped to provide a magnetic drawing tablet and other fun for children 18 to 36 months. This toy has something to offer for younger children with floor play all the way to creative play for 2 and 3 year olds.


This last toy takes the baby push walker to a new level. Your baby can play with it on the floor, turn into a baby push walker with the adjustment of the seat, and then becoming a full riding toy when your child is old enough. This toy has an animated puppy head and face with flashing buttons that make sounds and a place to play with blocks. Also, the center offers storage for blocks and other toys, making this toy a great for ages 9 months all the way to 3 years.

There’s a wide range of baby push walkers available. From a baby walker to a standing walker, or a floor time activity center to a push walker, each of these top 10 offer something unique for your child to grow with. The fun designs, colors, and activity centers entice younger babies. Then, the get-up and go functionality is perfect for standing, walking, and playing for little ones over 3. These toys are playroom staples as they help children build necessary skills, hit developmental milestones, and master crawling, standing, and walking.

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