Throw a debate-watching party

My fellow Americans, history is upon us. It’s an election year. If you have a newborn in the house, it can be like living under a rock for several months. But you can still be in on the fun.

I suggest you throw a debate-watching party to reconnect with your childfree friends. You supply the house and TV, your guests bring the pizza or real food and dessert. TiVo makes this kind of event easier, but it’s not essential.

Here are some games you can play to keep the party lively:

  • Baby chooses the president. Take note of which debater makes your baby more fussy. Vote for the other ticket.
  • Mommy bingo. The good folks at have put together a bingo game. Score when someone mentions a key word for moms. Fun and informative.
  • Old school drinking game. Suggest everyone drink when the moderator has to say “now be specific” or follow the rules at

The first presidential debate is Monday September 26 at 9pm eastern/6pm pacific time and last for 90 minutes on many many channels. For upping the nerd factor, follow along on twitter at #2016debate. The remaining presidential and vice-presidential debates are scheduled here.

It’s social, it’s political, and it’s no fuss for you. No cooking, no dishes, good times. Go ahead and compost those paper plates and biodegradable corn “plastic” ware.

You’ll see from the comments that I originally posted this in 2008!

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