The Best Baby Bathtub + Bath Toys & Accessories

“Rub a dub dub in the tub!” Except, it isn’t quite as simple as the song makes it sound when you’ve got a wiggly baby on your hands. You might find the first few years of bathing your babe are a real struggle, but I’m here to tell you with the right baby bath that just might change. I’m sure you want bath time to be something that’s enjoyable and it’s the very beginning stage of teaching your child good hygiene habits. We have pulled together this list of some of the very best baby bathtub options in an effort to help you make bath time a little safer, a little easier, and a whole lot more fun.

The Best Baby Bathtub + Bath Toys & Accessories

Fisher-Price Rinse’ n Grow

Alright, we’re going to start with the basics here. This tub has basically everything you will need through all the phases of bathing your baby up until they are a toddler. It is a favorite among many parents, and we’re guessing it’s because of the convenience and supreme functionality of this baby bath.

It’s very easy to clean and drain the water out of it. It has a total of 3 phases that you can move through as your baby grows, starting out with a sling position and graduating up to having the whole tub to play in. Once you’re done with the sling, it actually converts into a bath toy bag which is great for clean up. Check current prices here!

First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub with Sling

This is another safe bet option when it comes to finding the best baby bathtub for your family. It has everything you will need from the first bath all the way until your kiddo is big enough to sit there and splash you back the whole time. The “sling” is probably the best feature of this tub and it will make bathing your slippery newborn 100x easier. Check current prices here!

Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Tub

There is no tub I recommend more for families who are on the move, always busy, or frequently traveling. You just have to look at this tub to see why, but it can basically fold up perfectly flat and then be popped out into a tub on its own little legs. This gets even better, it actually has 3 positions as well-meaning it can grow along with your busy bee. It is easy to drain and will drip dry fairly quickly as well. Check current prices here!

AngelCare Bath Support

This option isn’t a full-on tub, but actually a piece you can add into your own bathtub. The design is really pretty simple. It is basically a mesh backrest to lay your baby upon giving you some extra support to free your hands up for bathing them. It’s a really great option if you do not want to store a whole extra bulky tub or just love the idea of your little one being right in your own bath. Check current prices here!

Baby Dam Bathtub Divider

Who says you really need a tub to create the best baby bath? This little device instead gives you the option to divide your home tub however you see fit. It might not be the greatest for newborns because it will just create a smaller section of water rather than providing them support, but it is genius for older babies who are sitting up all the way to young children. The big bonus of this device? Way less water ends up being used! Check current prices here!

Shnuggle Baby Bathtub

That name just has to get you a little bit right? I mean I want my babies to feel like they are being “Shnuggled” during bath time because it is supposed to be a relaxing and comfy experience. This bathtub is shaped in just the right way to keep your baby sitting upright, yet still comfy.

It is pretty compact, so you can fill it up and have bath time just about anywhere. It is the choice that falls perfectly in the middle between things like the Bloom Baby Bath and the Rinse’ n Grow because it offers plenty of support while still making sure your baby is ergonomically positioned. Check current prices here!

Blooming Baby Bathtub

Functionality and Instagram worthy do exist with this Blooming Baby Bathtub. We will start with how it actually works and why it’s worth checking into for bath time. You may not like the idea of setting your squishy little babe in a hard plastic tub, making this soft flexible flower a great alternative.

You basically just place it into your kitchen or bathroom sink and it will create a soft pillow to lay your baby down in for bath time. When you’re done with it, you simply squeeze out the water and hang it to dry. As for being #instaworthy, this flower bath comes in three different bright gorgeous colors. Plus, your baby will be so comfy and happy sitting in it that a smile won’t be too hard to capture. Check current prices here!

Puj Tub

Sometimes we overcomplicate things when it comes to babies. Don’t make baby baths one of those things you overcomplicate. The Puj Tub’s design, although simple, makes bath time so easy that we just had to include it on our list of the best baby bathtubs. It is basically a piece of foam but turned into a genius seat making the perfect baby tub. It fits into any standard sink, which is nice for those of us who don’t have a ton of extra space. Check current prices here!

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