Run Mommy run

Before my first pregnancy, I trained for triathlons with The Half-Asses, a subset of my now-husband’s club, Team Bad Ass. Right now, I have a loose routine to run with a preschool parent-friend after drop-off twice per week and it works pretty well with neither of us wanting to let the other one down. She is in India for a month so we’ll see how I fare.

I find that whenever I don’t have a training buddy, I use that as my main excuse to not exercise.

If you like to run or walk with a partner (and actually want to get back out there), See Mommy Run can help. It is a nationwide group dedicated to helping moms find like-minded and similar-paced running buddies (or in their own words a free Internet service to help busy women find or start child-friendly running or walking groups convenient to their personal geographic needs, time constraints, and fitness abilities.)

These days, I need to get some action between 6am and 7am before the day unravels begins or right after drop-off at 8am! 11-minute-miler Berkeley chicks, can you hear me?!

This site concept sounds fabulous to me, but I’m curious if it appeals to you. Let me know if you would or could do this!

Not sponsored. I can’t promise you that this website will work any better than your own email networks and facebook pals but it’s worth a shot.

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