10 [Best Compression Socks] for Pregnancy Leg Swelling!

Oh, the side effects of pregnancy. There are many, but one of the most frustrating is swelling of the legs and feet. One way to reduce swelling in the legs throughout your pregnancy is to wear compression socks. These are especially helpful in the second and third trimesters when swelling becomes a real problem from many moms-to-be. Compression socks for pregnancy come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so they will be easy to integrate into your maternity wardrobe.

We wanted to give you better insight into why your legs swell, what compression socks do, and which sock options are best for you. You’ll be able to find the perfect pair to suit your needs, find relief, and add some personality to your wardrobe! 

Why do your legs swell during pregnancy?

As pregnancy progresses and the baby grows, blood circulation becomes strained. Poor circulation affects the arms and legs and often leads to fluid retention and swelling. The heart can pump to your legs and feet and ankles just fine, but getting the fluid back up can be difficult. This is why legs and feet can swell during pregnancy, especially after extended periods of time standing and walking.

Why should I use compression socks during pregnancy?

Now that you understand the cause of the swelling and leg pain, it is important to understand how compression socks can help. They reduce swelling in pregnant women by restricting blood flow to the legs. This works to reduce the amount of fluid that builds up and to increase circulation.

Not only will compression socks help with pain and swelling, but they can aid in the relief of varicose. Keep in mind, your compression socks should be tight but not uncomfortably tight, as you want healthy flow and not the feeling of being too restricted.

Top 10 Best Compression Socks for Pregnancy

You can find a wide variety of styles with varying lengths, compression levels, and colors. We broke our list up into three categories to make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Our top socks were chosen because of their practicality, overall performance, and ability to be integrated into any established maternity wardrobe.

Athletic Compression Socks

Did you know continuing with physical activity through pregnancy is actually a great way to reduce swelling in the legs? Wearing compression socks during pregnancy will reduce overall swelling and ensure that you do not swell up too badly post-workout. Here are our favorite options! 

SB SOX Compression Socks

The SB SOX Compression Socks are the #1 choice among many athletes. This brand has a large line of compression products, but we recommend their full-length compression socks. They come in a range of colors and are comfortable enough to use all day. Check current pricing here!

Copper Compression Running Socks

Copper Compression Running Socks are a great option for athletic moms who do not want a full-length sock during pregnancy. Copper fibers in the sock actually help to revive circulation! They provide relief, but they can be worn just like you would wear a normal pair of socks. Check them out here!

Physix Compression Running Socks


These compression socks are made with runners in mind. They give you the support you need and they are moisture-wicking for comfort. Check them out here!

Patterned and Colorful Options

Compression socks often come with a stigma that they’re not trendy, stylish, or comfortable. However, if you want to find a fun pair you will look forward to wearing, check out these patterned and colorful options! 

Charmking Socks for Women

The variety is almost endless as this brand has everything from unique solids to crazy patterns and some neutral packs. If you’re someone who wants to have fun with your compression socks during pregnancy or wants a unique gift for the pregnant woman in your life, this brand can deliver. Buy yours today!

Laite Hebe

Another brand with plenty of unique patterns is Laite Hebe. These pregnancy compression socks come in packs of 7 with all sorts of unique patterns. These are a good choice for someone looking to buy a week’s worth of socks with just one purchase. Check them out here!

Quixiang Copper Compression Socks

These compression socks come in packages of eight, which gives you the most variety per pack out of the options on our list. Plus, some reviews say these socks got the job done and actually reduced blood clots in pregnant mama’s legs! Take a look at current pricing. 

Neutral Compression Socks

Not everyone is looking for a flashy sock, and that is okay. Just like traditional socks, you can find a pair of pregnancy compression socks in almost any color, even if you’re looking for simple white or black.


Bluemaple is my favorite neutral compression sock option. They offer packs of seven that come with all the basic neutrals. These are a great choice if you want a traditional sock or a little touch of color. Also, Check out current pricing here! 


This brand makes buying compression socks as easy and as simple as buying your everyday socks. They offer some variety, but there are enough neutral options to easily add compression socks to your wardrobe to replace your daily wear socks. Buy yours here!

Open Toe Opaque Compression Stockings


These are not exactly socks, but if you work in an office environment they would be a great replacement for your usual stockings. They are barely noticeable! Check them out here!

When shopping for compression socks for your maternity wardrobe choose something practical. You want them to be functional and fit in seamlessly with your daily wear socks. The swelling really is no fun, but you can get through it! When that baby is in your arms everything will seem worth it. 


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