My latest obsession – Stitch Fix Maternity

I have a secret. I hate shopping. It’s more accurate to say I hated shopping before I had kids. Add in full-time momming, a work-from-home photography business, and three small children orbiting me like tiny planets and I absolutely loathe shopping. Worse, not only do I hate the physical act of shopping but I’m pretty awful at anything style related. As you can imagine, my daily school drop off momiform is usually black leggings and whatever maternity tank top is on top of the clean clothes pile that day. Recently, I stumbled upon Stitch Fix Maternity, and I am never going back.

My latest obsession – Stitch Fix Maternity

How I got here

So when we booked our photographer for my family’s maternity session, I just thought I would look online for an outfit and run to whatever store had it locally. Easy enough, right? Except remember, I have three small children, hate shopping, and malls give me anxiety. I wasted so many hours that week! I would find a promising outfit online, figure out which store had my size, pack up the crew and head there to try it on. Then, I was disappointed every single time which led me back to square one. After a particularly insane trip to the mall, one that ended with the majority of my kids (and myself) sobbing, I decided I was done. I never wanted to step foot in a dressing room again. I found Stitch Fix’s new maternity line that day and have not looked back.

Stitch Fix Maternity – The Process

The process was super simple! I carefully answered the style questionnaire and pinned an entire board of outfits I loved for my stylist. A few days later, a sweet little blue box arrived on my doorstep.

The entire box was keepers! Comfortable jeans that are still professional enough to wear to my sessions, a nursing/maternity tank that fit perfectly, a dress I never knew I needed, and my absolute favorite, a stylish kimono that I have been dreaming of for maternity photos. This was everything I had been looking for, hand-selected for me and my ever-changing pregnant body and shipped conveniently to my front door.

Returns –

Since I loved everything I received, I did not need to return anything, however, Stitch Fix makes it super easy. Enclosed in your box is a prepaid return label, just pop the items back in the giant postal envelope pop on the label and voila, your items are ready to be returned.

I spent hours the week before dragging my kids around town searching for something that didn’t make me look like I ate a pregnant woman. In the end, all I really had to do was look past the mall. I am so in love with everything Stitch Fix now! The ease of ordering, the friendly customer service, clothes perfectly tailored to my body and style, and, of course, not having to waste precious family time crying in fitting rooms. I am sold, forever and always, pregnant or not, small kiddos or college-age children, Stitch Fix Maternity & Stitch Fix is for me!

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