The BEST Baby Registry + score FREE stuff with Hello Baby Box

Trying to figure out the very best baby registry site to use can be super confusing and even overwhelming at times. You don’t want to confuse your guests with multiple lists but at the same time it’s almost impossible to settle with just one, plus you really love those cute “take me home” sets on Etsy and how are you going to tell people about those? Thankfully, the smart people at Babylist have your back.

The BEST Baby Registry + score FREE stuff with Hello Baby Box

Babylist is a universal baby registry site that allows you to register for EVERYTHING you need from ANY store! In fact, you can even add items like home-cooked meals, cash funds, and babysitting help to your list. And, it’s super simple to use too!

What makes Babylist the BEST Baby Registry Site?

I am all about convenience and when it comes to creating a baby registry there is nothing more convenient than Babylist. It’s like they read our minds, it’s absolutely amazing!!!

    • One registry- multiple stores & more! Add anything, from any store to your baby registry.
    • Add meaningful gifts that you can’t find in stores like home-cooked meals, babysitting help & more!
    • You can even add unique gifts. Another reason Babylist is the BEST Baby Registry is that it allows you to register for unique items like a Doula, Diapering Services, Placenta Encapsulation and more!
    • Add cash funds. This is perfect for group gifting big items like strollers or cribs.
    • Easy to use for both you and your gift-givers. It’s even easy enough for your grandparents to use.
    • Access your Babylist registry from all of your devices including desktop, mobile, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
    • Support local businesses and indie shops + makers. Babylist allows you to add items from places like etsy, your favorite indie designer and local artisans too.
    • Register at anytime & anywhere. Thanks to Babylist’s fantastic easy to navigate website and 5-star rated mobile apps you can easily create your baby registry anytime you want to and from the comfort of your own home.
    • Price Change Alerts. Having a baby is anything but cheap. Babylist knows this and so they created a savvy way to help you save money on the items you register for by sending email alerts when there are price changes. It also sends alerts when there are availability updates.
    • Private categories. This is one feature that I absolutely LOVED. Let’s say you are trying to organize all of the things you need before baby comes and you want them in one place. You can do it with Babylist. Simply mark items not meant for your guests as “private” on the dropdown menu as you edit your items. Just like magic they will be hidden from your guests. Perfect for those sexy nursing bras- yes they do exist!
    • Adorable Baby Registry Cards are included for free! These are perfect to pop into your baby shower invites.
    • Receive FREE shipping. As we’ve mentioned before Babylist loves to help make your parenting journey easier and helping you be more money savvy is part of that which is why they offer free shipping on orders over $45 shipped by Babylist.

How Does It Work?

Creating your best baby registry list is super simple, it’s actually a lot like Pinterest (which we all love!) and it only takes a few minutes to start building your registry.

All you need to do to get started is head to Babylist. It walks you through a few easy start-up steps (like 30 seconds worth) and then it asks if you want to be able to add items from any store. Which, of course, you click YES!!

Next, you are taken to a screen that walks you through the process of adding the Babylist Button to your bookmark bar. This is the process that makes it super easy to add items to your baby registry from any store- even your favorite indie designers. It’s super easy. All you do is drag the little button on your screen up to your Bookmarks bar and voila! You are good to go!

Then you head to any store, even your favorite Etsy shop or Amazon. Find the item you want to add to your baby registry and then click the little Babylist button in your Bookmarks bar. The Babylist screen automatically pops up and you can add that item to your registry with ease. I told you Babylist was the BEST baby registry!!

Not sure what to add? Babylist can help you with that too! We don’t call them the BEST baby registry for nothing.

Take their lifestyle quiz and you will receive a free personalized (and printable) baby registry checklist. The best part is this list is all the things you actually need versus what the stores are trying to sell you.

You can also find great baby product guides directly on the Babylist website which will help you make informed decisions. And, these guides are based on surveys from real parents!!

Still have questions?. No worries! Babylist also offers complimentary registry consulting. Their Happiness Heros and registry consultants can help you with any questions that you might have.

What if you already started registering at other stores?

Babylist thought of that, too, which is why they created a way for you to easily combine all of your baby registry lists into one place. You can either transfer your existing registries into your Babylist registry or simply link them to your list.

What is Hello Baby Box?

Do you love trying new things? Then you will love the Hello Baby Box because it is filled with fun product samples and offers from trusted brands. It’s contents change on a monthly basis so you have to check the Babylist website and see what’s being offered the month that you register. New parents can qualify to receive their box by starting a registry!

You can learn more about the Hello Baby Box here on the Babylist website.

*The Hello Baby Box is a limited time offer and is only available to US residents. Certain restrictions apply.

Check Out What Came In Our Hello Baby Box

Although, the contents inside the Hello Baby Box change on a monthly basis I thought it would be fun for us to share what came inside our very own Hello Baby Box.

You can watch my daughter & I unbox our Hello Baby Box below

Our Hello Baby Box included a variety of fun samples and free products that any expecting parent would love including an i play Sun Protection Hat (UPF 50+), a Burt’s Bees Baby washcloth + promo code for a free $10 when you spend $25+ on their site. There was also an adorable pack from Pampers with a sample Pampers Swaddlers diaper, wipes, coupons and a Dreft sample too.

We also found a MAM Anti-Colic Bottle that was so tiny and adorable. Fun fact – my cousin actually had a lot of trouble when it came to finding the right bottle for her daughter until she finally found these MAM bottles. They were the only bottles that helped ease her colicky baby.

It’s always hard to try and figure out which baby bathing products to use so I like that our Hello Baby Box came with samples of baby washes from Cetaphil and Noodle & Boo plus+ nipple cream from Bamboobies and Lansinoh. It would be great for new parents to be able to test out these products before committing to purchasing all of them. I should also mention that there was also samples of Lansinoh disposable nursing pads and milk storage bags too!

Last but certainly not least there was a promo code for a FREE babysuit from Primary and a FREE gift code from i play too! Plus, a super duper handy baby registry guide from Babylist to help you get started and adorable baby registry cards perfect for popping into a shower invitation. Check them out, aren’t they the cutest?

What are you waiting for?

Go create your best baby registry right now at Babylist!

*This is a sponsored post in partnership with Babylist. Our love, thoughts, and opinions about Babylist are 100% our own.

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