Thoughts on welcoming baby #2

Sometimes, I want to eat up all the advice flung at me with a huge spork. I want to memorize and internalize every piece of random information falling from the lips and fingers of moms-of-more-than-one. Come to think of it, I was this way before Holden was born too… I obsessively watched Whitney (or so I thought) and I read more than my fair share of books… only too be completely shocked and flabbergasted at how being a mom actually felt.

With that defining experience behind me, there are some days when I want to interview all of my friends who ever birthed more than one baby, read Ben & Birdy til the cows come home, and pour over advice in websites. And then, I feel shocked and exhausted and realize (more than the first time), that it will be what it will be… that not every word needs to be memorized and not every (different!) great idea followed. We will find our own way. And, yeah, it will be super hard.

My pal, Whitney, knowing about all these quirks of mine, made me a beautiful book of wit and wisdom of from the moms-of-two that we know. She included sage advice from our real life friends and some online friends too.

And, I got a surprising extra dose of good advice from an unlikely source this morning: Fisher Price: . Read it and weep.

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