Wear the baby

Hey! I thought he hated slings!

By the time I took this picture, Julian was to big for this fleece sling, so I was thrilled to wear Heather’s baby Holden in it. If you don’t already have a sling, consider it.

Wearing your baby keeps him happy, especially if he’s the type that likes to be held all the time. Instead of holding him, you can use your hands for other things, like dialing the phone, telling a story in which you gesture wildly for emphasis, or typing. Once the baby is situated in the sling, you will feel like a free bird. As tempting as it is, please do not hop in your car and drive around town.

You can certainly buy a sling or any other front carrier online, but I recommend going to a local independent baby store. It really helps to have an expert coaching you. Ask to try it on.

Find out if your partner will be willing to wear the sling. If not, choose as girly a pattern as you like. If yes, you might want to stick to black or navy. My husband said yes to the carrier, but not to this one I brought home from CatBirdBaby.

I guess a person who does not carry a purse does not think this is “cute”.

Some women are able to nurse while wearing their baby in a sling. (Not in a back carrying position, obviously!) Anyone have luck with this endeavor?

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