Visit a Farmers Market

Navigating the stroller through a busy farmers market is a worthwhile challenge. There are so many things to look at for your baby, it’s worth the effort. Does this not sound like enough action for you? Believe me, it is. You will see other babies, musicians, and tasty food. Look around and choose a vegetable your baby hasn’t tried yet. Bring it home and steam and puree or mash with a fork.

Find a local farmers market and go! Baby Weston, above, conked out. Baby Adeline (pictured below) was enchanted by the live musician. Baby Lucy hit her first Farmers’ Market at 3 days old. This tiny baby (see the foot!) (courtesy of cafemama) doesn’t look much older.

This is your twentieth challenge in our 52-week challenge series.

Did you complete this challenge? Share your story.

  • Comment below and spill the details. Last time I went to the Farmers’ Market, I was so hot, all I did was buy an ice cream and leave. Does that count?
  • Share a pic on instagram or twitter with the hashtag #rookiemoms so we can cheer for you.
  • Share a picture with us on Facebook. Cute baby in stroller? Smashed sweet potato on face? One in a bjorn and one climbing on your shoulder? All good.

There’s no such thing as a baby too young or old for this challenge, but if you’re not in the mood, you can choose another challenge!

Olivia Howell and Baby Weston

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